Tuesday, May 19, 2015

because perfect people don't need a savior

hola mi familia y amigos!!!

(i started that in spanish because we've found like a bajillion spanish people to pass over to the spanish elders this week and that's always fun)
i'll start this off with a fun story. 
last week we got on a bus to head to the church and this man on the bus waved me down so i went and sat by him.  I was talking with him just about his life and such and invited him to come to church with us.  All of a sudden the bus driver YELLS, "YOU TWO GIRLS!!! YES YOU! GET UP HERE!!!" Sister Moser didn't realize what was happening so i just got up and was like..uhmm..yes?  and she just yelled at me about how we can't solicit here and i just told her we're not selling anything and invited her to learn and she was just not having it and everyone was staring.  our stop came up so i told her as she was yelling ruthlessly and she just says, "no, it's not!" so i just pushed the button and she had to let us off..ha it was awkward.  then two days later we had to go to the church for  a meeting so we took the same bus and what do ya know, same bus driver.  I didn't know what to do so after attempting to talk with her (then she just told me to sit down)  we just talked to people more...she kept giving us the evil eye.  then TODAY we get on the bus and it's her again.....there was only one other person on the bus, and i was so proud, Sister Moser went and sat down and talked with her anyway and gave her a Book of Mormon and just PREACHED like none other and i just prayed and prayed and prayed that the bus driver wouldn't ruin this and she didn't say anything.  just glared, but we can live with that. :)  Heavenly Father answers prayers!!!  "...NO UNHALLOWED HAND CAN STOP THE WORK FROM PROGRESSING!!! PERSECUTIONS [BUS DRIVERS] MAY RAGE,mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame, but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done."
I also had a super inspiring dejavu moment.  We stopped to talk with these people outside, one man was outside of the truck and two were inside.  We just talked with them and started teaching them about the gospel and all of a sudden the weirdest feeling came over me and i felt like i have KNOWN these people before!  The spirit was so strong and I just knew that this was not a coincidence.  I don't even know how to explain it, but I talked with a member about it after and she said that when we have dejavu, she thinks it means we knew each other in the pre-existance....so yeah.  My mind can't even comprehend it.  SO COOL. 
I got to see a bunch of my bff's from the MTC at the new missionary follow up meeting for trainers and trainees.  :)  it was such a blessed day. 
we also have a meeting this week for IPADS so that's exciting.  

we have been teaching George a TON before he has to go back to shift work this week, but he's struggling with Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  The lessons have been CRAZY and he almost dropped us on Friday, but all of a sudden the spirit kicked in and I don't even know what we said, but he felt it and he knows he needs to keep with it. 
Kathy is doing well!  We felt like we needed to teach her the restoration again, so we did, and she just said it all sounds familiar and it rings true to her and then the member who came with was just like, THAT'S BECAUSE IT'S TRUE AND YOU LEARNED THIS BEFORE YOU CAME TO EARTH and she bore such powerful testimony and Kathy wants to be baptized.  We're going to set a date for her tonight for June 13th.  I don't know why Heavenly Father is blessing us so much, but I'm so grateful for it. 
there was one night where I felt like i was failing and I didn't know what to do.  After our comp prayer, I kind of just sprawled out on the floor and yelled, "WHY CAN'T I BE PERFECT???"  then Sister Moser just said, "because perfect people don't need a Savior."  (the quote is by some general authority or something...but we'll just say it's from Sister Moser.)  it really hit me though.  We're here on earth to try and fail and strive and fall short, because we need a Savior.  We need Jesus Christ.  and man am i ever grateful that because of his atonement, we can start new every day, every hour, every second, no matter how many times we have messed up in the past or how far we have gone, he can bring us back, and push us to the next level where we can become who he wants us to be. 
i love this gospel with all my heart and i'm so grateful for this work. 

Onward, ever onward. 

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