Tuesday, June 30, 2015


kay all i can say today is WOW THE POWER OF GOD IS SO REAL.
sorry if none of this makes sense...i can't even begin to describe the
miracles we experienced this week.  here we go...

we were on the bus and i sat by this man named Kazir.  He is from west
  Africa and has only been here for 6 weeks, and speaks very little
english.  As i started teaching him about the gospel and bearing my
testimony, he told me, "whenever anyone speaks english to me, i don't
understand. but when you speak, i understand." the spirit was so
powerful and i got to teach him the gospel even though i don't speak
french and he doesn't speak english!!!   WHHHHAT??  "when a man
speaketh by the power of the Holy Ghost the power of the Holy Ghost
carrieth it unto the hearts of the children of men."  it was so
incredible... then when i pulled out the book of mormon for him, he
just LIT UP and said, "THE MORMONS!  YES! YES!" i just got off the bus
after that and couldn't even speak.  wow.  the missionaries in his
area will be teaching his family now.

i can't even really describe this experience to do it justice.
last night, we were supposed to have an appointment with a less
active, but she wouldn't  answer her buzzer.  So we left and decided
to try some other members.  We went to catch the bus to our next
appointment and it just drove right past us....so we waited for the
next one.  it came pretty soon after, and we hopped on.  I sat by this
lady who moved after i tried to say hello....awkward hahahhh...so i
just sat there for a minute trying to figure out who i needed to sit
by.  there was a guy in front of me and a guy behind me.  I got up and
sat next to the guy in the back, his name is Shane.  Heavenly Father
literally just handed me this teaching opportunity on a silver
platter, i briefly taught him the plan of salvation and he started
asking me about repentance.  he heard a pastor talk about it when he
was in jail, so we talked about it and it was an incredible
conversation.  meanwhile (this will make sense later) the man who was
a few rows in front of us kept looking back kind of angrily at us,
then he got off the bus.  all of a sudden our stop came and i basically
just threw a book ofmormon, plan of salvation pamphlet, and our card
 at him and told him that he needed to text us asap.  he said he would. and
guess what HE ACTUALLY DID!  We called him after we got home and this
is where we see how God's hand is truly in EVERYTHING.  Shane has been
in and out of  jail since he was 18 (8 years now) for fighting and drugs and all
that stuff.  On that bus last night, he was going to get off at the
same stop as the man in front of us to fight him.  He told me that he
was ready to give up and didn't care if he went back to jail.  He was
done trying and was in a really dark place.  then at  that time, i got
up  and sat by him.  he said he was so moved by our conversation that
he got off the  bus and threw out all the alcohol he had with him and
wanted to go home to his family to tell them that he was ready to
change and wanted to turn things around.  he kept saying that he felt
something that he has never felt before and he needed to repent and
change.  he said, "when you go home to your family, you need to tell
them that you saved a lost indian boy's life today."  there are no
words for this miracle that God showed me.  He is literally in the
details of not only my life, but in all the lives of those around me,
whether they realize it or not.  His timing is PERFECT.  I am so
amazed and even more humbled that God used me to help one of his lost
and searching children.  Little old me.

"11 But Ammon said unto him: I do not boast in my own strength, nor in
my own wisdom; but behold, my joy is full, yea, my heart is brim with
joy, and I will rejoice in my God.

12 Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak;
therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for
in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles
we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name
forever." [Alma 26]

"13 Wherefore, I call upon the weak things of the world, those who are
unlearned and despised, to thresh the nations by the power of my
Spirit;" [d&c 35]

there were so many other miracles wrought by the Lord through us, his
little weak servants, this week.  It is so true that when you
sacrifice and consecrate your all to the Lord, He uses you to bring
about MIRACLES.  His way and his will is so much better than ours.  i
know with all my heart that He is the way.  I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!!

Onward, ever onward.

Sister Jones

 our wonderful district

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Give until there's nothing left

Soooooo we have iPads now and they're super weird and I don't know how
I feel about it.  Currently writing this email while making some
pancakes for lunch.....anywho....this week was crazy!

Last night, we had a HUGE miracle!  This part member couple that has
NEVER let missionaries in actually let us set up an appointment and
didn't cancel!!!!!! That was the first miracle. Then as we got talking
with them, we found out that we're totally related!! SECOND MIRACLE!!
Thomas Rowell Leavitt, my 4th great grandfather who came up and helped
settle southern Alberta, is an ancestor of him as well! (Shout out to
gma fern for printing off those family history stories that I have
been able to read throughout the mish) .  So that's crazy.  The lesson
went fairly well, and we'll be going back soon. :)

Sunday, we had supper with this cute Mexican part member family. We're
teaching the daughter ,who is turning 8 soon, the lessons before she
gets baptized.  The husband who isn't a member sat in!  He is all
about only speaking Spanish in the home, and we prayed really really
hard, and taught the whole lesson in Spanish.  .......just kidding.
It was really awesome though!!! The spirit was so strong and I did get
to use some high school Spanish to ask them if I could use their
washroom.  "Puedo ir al bano?" They were very impressed. :)

Also, the Tagalog elders found yet ANOTHER person for us to
potentially teach! They were contacting on the LRT, and this 60yr old
native lady, Chantelle, was carrying around a basketball and was
trying to find somewhere to play....hahahahah so they called us and we
all met at the church and played some bball with this 60 year old!
She's a baller.  Hahaha I can't even tell this story without
laughing.....man.  Edmonton is just the greatest place.

I also had the privilege of eating jelly fish this week.  After
unsuccessfully trying to chew it twice, I resorted to swallowing the
rest of it whole.  😐

Sister Moser and I have had a pretty crazy couple of transfers, I have
learned so much.  We started a 40 day fast last week from every
behavior that detracts from the spirit in the work, and oh man, the
blessings are huge!  The adversary is also very real, I have been
tried in ways that I hadn't before the point, and I know that the only
way to overcome, is through my Savior, Jesus Christ, and his
infinite, atoning sacrifice.

If Jesus Christ could sacrifice all he did, then I have no other
option but to give everything I have to him and this work.  I studied
the story of Abraham and Isaac, when God commanded him to offer his
only son as a sacrifice.  I reflected on it, and had to look inside
myself and see how dedicated and consecrated I am to the Lord.
"Verily I say unto you, all among them who know their hearts are
honest, and are broken, and their spirits contrite, and are willing to
observe their covenants by sacrifice--yea, every sacrifice which I,
the Lord, shall command--they are accepted of me." [d&c 97:8]

"Behold, I have seen your sacrifices, and will forgive all your sins;
I have seen your sacrifices in obedience to that which I have told
you. Go, therefore, and I make a way for your escape, as I accepted
the offering of Abraham of his son Isaac." [d&c 132:50]

There is no sacrifice too great for salvation.  "Sacrifice allows us
to learn something about ourselves-what we are willing to offer to the
Lord through our obedience."

Onward, ever onward.

Sister Jones

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

a family is forever

Just a few miracles this week:

*about a month ago, I talked to this lady, Lori, on the bus who has a family of 5!  She wanted us to come and teach them, but whenever we called, they were busy and weren't home when we stopped by.  On Thursday, we were near her house, and all our plans fell through, our backup wasn't going to work, so we decided to go knock on her door.  She came and was so happy to see us!  She just cried and vented about her struggles and how she wants her family to be happier and we taught her on her porch. (the kids weren't home) She recognizes us as disciples of Christ and knows we can help her!  We set a return appointment to teach her family, but it ended up falling through.  We'll see them this week though!  I'm so excited to help them become a forever family. :) 
*The Tagalog elders found someone for us, her name is Angie, but all the times we have stopped by, she hasn't been home.  We had some other plans for the day, and as we were doing that, I just kept getting the thought to catch the bus and go see Angie.  So we did.  AND SHE ACTUALLY ANSWERED THE DOOR THIS TIME!  She was busy, but we were able to get her phone number so we can set up a time!  She told us she has been reading the Book of Mormon and loves it.  She wants to learn more! :)  We'll hopefully teach her this week. 
*we taught Leo, the man who read our nametags, gave us his number, and then ran away!  He brought his friend, Lucy, who is also super solid!  They both want to learn more it's so humbling to find prepared people like them. :) 

In Sacrament Meeting on sunday, this cute little family sang, "I Love To See The Temple" and it was the most precious thing.  The end of the second verse says,

"For the temple is a holy place
Where we are sealed together.
As a child of God, I've learned this truth:
A family is forever."

and you all know me i totally cried.  My heart just filled with joy!  I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ, because He makes it possible for us to be with those we love for ETERNITY.  I think I have definitely taken this truth for granted as I've grown up, but I am so thankful for the Plan of Salvation.  God's purpose is to help us to have eternal joy. 
god bless and onward, ever onward. 
Sister Jones

washing windows :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

In Christ Alone

we taught like no lessons this week which was hard, but we had a few really neat experiences that were HUGE testaments of God's love for me and for everyone around me. 

*after meeting with a less active downtown, we were heading to the Edmonton General Hospital to visit a lady there.  We ran to catch our bus, but it ended up leaving and we were on the wrong side of the road...so we just decided to walk the 10 blocks to the hospital.  As we were walking, this man passed by us and was staring at our name tags so we stopped and started talking to him.  He just kept reading out name tags as we were closer and says, "oh!  you're from Jesus!  okay I'll give you my number then and you can call me!" then he gave us his number and ran away...sister moser and i just looked at each other like...WHHHATTTT??  so we called him yesterday and now are going to teach him tomorrow!  :) 
*literally like...a minute after that, we were waiting for the light to change for the cross walk and we hear behind us, "hey, are you missionaries?" so we turn and see this pretty rough looking girl stand up and come toward us.  So we went over and started talking with her.  She told us that she was baptized a couple years ago but she got back into drugs and was having a really hard time.  She just told us that she felt like she needed to share her testimony, but didn't know how, and she needed help.  we just sat down on the dirty sidewalk with her and talked and i don't even remember what I said.  I just remember telling her that God has a plan for her and loves her and a bunch of other stuff.  I don't know of a time that I have felt the spirit as strong as it was as it just spoke through me.  THIS IS WHY I AM A MISSIONARY!  Right here.  I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father gives me experiences like that to remind me of the divinity of this gospel.  and the urgency of it. 
We wouldn't have had those experiences if we caught the bus!  Heavenly Father knows what he's doing.  Always. 

The Tagalog elders found a couple people for us to teach, so on Saturday, we were trying by one of them, but she wasn't home.  We tried all of our backups, but no one was home.  (and it was blazing hot outside....but not really..i think I'm just turning in to a Canadian!) Sister Moser and I both thought of this less active we had tried like a bajillion times before, and never succeeded.  and alas, we tried one more time.  She was home and we got to teach her and it was glorious!   Never postpone a prompting! 
the other person the Tagalog elders found for us, we taught yesterday!  Her name is Boi (pronounced Booey) and she's from Botswana and is the african female version of Joseph Smith, i'm telling you!  She has dealt with so much persecution and finally got to Canada after some people trying to kill her.  She's now here and wonders why there are so many churches.  She wants to find the truth and she is SO SOLID!!!  We taught her the Restoration yesterday and committed her to be baptized! We're setting a date on Wednesday with her. :)  I can't believe how prepared this lady is, it's wonderful. 
We had to drop Dipa though....she's 87 and can't really hear or see and she isn't going to change religions.  she's the sweetest little Indian lady I've ever met though and she said we could come back for a glass of water and a cookie anytime. :) I think she'll be baptized in the spirit world. 
I just wanted to let you all know that if you can center your entire life, everything in it, on only one thing, Jesus Christ, EVERYTHING will fall into place.  I know it.  He is the foundation that if men build upon, "they cannot fall".  If we can always remember him, his spirit will be with us.  When we remember Christ and all he has done for us, there will be "no guilt in life, and no fear in death".  The atonement of Jesus Christ makes everything whole and right.  I know with all my heart that Jesus Christ lives!  And He will never leave us comfortless. 
Onward, ever onward. 
Sister Jones

 Dipa and us :) 

 annnnd i got to see my most favorite sister Allison James!!!  my follow up trainer :)
 such a tender mercy. :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

God is easy to please and hard to satisfy.

well hello it's pday again and it's a new transfer! 
Nothing too crazy happened this week except we talked to SO many people.  It was awesome. 
We didn't teach as much as we would like, but we got to do a TON of finding.  And we probably gave away like a bajillion copies of the Book of Mormon...okay not that many but a lot.  The spirit that I feel when I can tell people that God has a plan for them, or that God has called a prophet today, or that they have a Savior, Jesus Christ, who made it possible for us to live again, temporally and spiritually......that spirit is priceless.
we also got told again by another bus driver that we can't proselyte on the bus......so we asked President Manion about it, and he told us to "tell them politely that you have the right to talk to anyone you want to as long as it isn't creating a safety hazard." #HOLLA we just keep preaching...hahah it's an adventure. 
 We met sooooooo many people and taught so many on the streets and on the buses and on their lawns and in their garages..definitely felt like an original disciple of Christ.  I read in D&C 33:9 during studies one morning,
"Yea, open your mouths and spare not, and you shall be laden with sheaves upon your backs, for lo, I am with you."

I just kept thinking about it, we can't spare anyone from this message of the restored gospel!  We really can't.  I have been called to declare the gospel to everyone I meet, so that's exactly what I will do.
I've also been thinking a TON lately about the concept of satisfying God, not just pleasing Him.  He is pleased with our efforts as we do what we're supposed to, but I think to satisfy him, we really have to humble and submit ourselves fully and completely to His will, thus allowing our natures to be changed. 

"Marvel not that all mankind, yea, men and women, all nations, kindreds, tongues and people, must be born again; yea, born of God, changed from their carnal and fallen state, to a state of righteousness, being redeemed of God, becoming his sons and daughters And thus they become new creatures; and unless they do this, they can in nowise inherit the kingdom of God." [Mosiah 27:25-26]
my studies this morning were SO enlightening.  I read my most favourite story in the whole Book of Mormon about the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's. 
In short, this group of Lamanites who were previously a very wicked people, who delighted in bloodshed and war and all that stuff, were taught by some missionaries, and then decided to  change and apply what they learned of Christ.  They became CONVERTED.  They not only decided to change, but they actually made a covenant with God that they would not take up their weapons of war ever again. 
Some of their brethren, who weren't converted, were angry with them and wanted to kill them all and take over their land.  They made preparations for war to come against the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's. 
The Anti-Nephi-Lehi's were so converted that all they did was praise the Lord and continue to stay true to the covenant they made with God. 

 "Oh, how merciful is our God! And now behold, since it has been as much as we could do to get our stains taken away from us, and our swords are made bright, let us hide them away that they may be kept bright, as a testimony to our God at the last day, or at the day that we shall be brought to stand before him to be judged, that we have not stained our swords in the blood of our brethren since he imparted his word unto us and has made us clean thereby.  16 And now, my brethren, if our brethren seek to destroy us, behold, we will hide away our swords, yea, even we will bury them deep in the earth, that they may be kept bright, as a testimony that we have never used them, at the last day; and if our brethren destroy us, behold, we shall go to our God and shall be saved." [alma 24:15-16]

"and this they did, vouching and covenanting with God, that rather than shed the blood of their brethren they would give up their own lives; and rather than take away from a brother they would give unto him; and rather than spend their days in idleness they would labor abundantly with their hands.
 19 And thus we see that, when these Lamanites were brought to believe and to know the truth, they were firm, and would suffer even unto death rather than commit sin; and thus we see that they buried their weapons of peace, or they buried the weapons of war, for peace." [alma 24:18-19]

y'all just need to go read the story...but in the end, lots of them end up being slain by their brethren, but in the process, the lamanites who were killing them were converted as well and they even "threw down their weapons of war, and they would not take them again"!!!  Many more were converted unto Christ. 

there is just SO much i learn from this story.  I can't even say it all.  Ultimately though, i just want to be able to satisfy my Heavenly Father.  I want to be so changed that i "would suffer even unto death rather than commit sin"...
what can i even say, besides how grateful i am for this gospel?!!  Really.  I know that we can all be changed through the atonement of Christ if we humble ourselves and allow it to change us.  I love you all and I love the Lord. 

Onward, ever onward. 

Sister Jones
this lady gave us some flowers from her garden as we were talking with her....she was so sweet.  We then went and gave them to all the people we talked to! :)