Monday, August 18, 2014

In The Promised Land (where record breaking heat is mid 80's)


It has been such a crazy couple of weeks!  Sorry I didn't get to email last week, our pday in the MTC was Wednesdays, and we left last Tuesday.  So I'll try to tell you all everything that I remember!
My district!
The last Sunday in the MTC was so bittersweet!  We sang our district farewell hymn in sacrament meeting, which was Come Thou Fount, and now every time I hear it I die inside a little.  In a good way..sort of.  It's great.  But lo and behold, guess who gets called out of the congregation to speak?  Sister Jones!  Ha I had a feeling it would happen though.  I just spoke on Repentance.  Good thing they pound the 5 principles of the Gospel into your head in the MTC, right?

So our MTC district was so great!  Saying goodbye to them was awful enough, and do you know what's even worse? Saying goodbye with a handshake.  A HANDSHAKE!  Ha oh well, #missionarylife I guess.  Anyways, Sister Rush, Sister Burton and I were the only ones who came to Canada, the Elders and Sister Rigby went to Seattle. 
Sister Rush, Sister Burton and me!
On Monday night, we basically only got 40 minutes of sleep!  We had to be at the travel office by 2:30am, and we still had to pack and clean out our residency and all that fun stuff, so that was exciting.  We went to the travel office and our traveling party was I think 23 missionaries!  Crazy, right?  So many missionaries.  The flights weren't too bad, I was hoping for a missionary experience, but I sat by a member lady on the first flight, then after the layover in Denver, I sad by Sister Burton.  Oh well I guess!  We were then greeted by President and Sister Manion after getting our visas and such (which took like 8 years).  We went to the church and right from the get go started street contacting in Edmonton!  We got rejected so many times it was crazy.  But we actually got into a really good conversation with 3 people who were very strong christians.  The girl seemed really interested so we gave her a book of mormon and the restoration pamphlet.  Super cool.  Hopefully the missionaries in Edmonton get in contact with her soon. 
Sister McEwen, Myself & Bro & Sis Manion

We stayed at the mission home that night and had a devotional and such, President Manion is so great.  Such a funny guy!  They're so sweet!  On Wednesday, we had transfer meeting where I met my trainer and found out where I would be serving!!! :)  My trainer's name is Sister McEwen and she has been out for 14 months! She's from Idaho and is a great missionary!  We are serving in Grande Prairie which is about 5 hours north west ish from Edmonton.  It's super pretty here, but we only get mail like once a month since it's so far away.  Sister Rush, my MTC companion is here as well and we get to live together!!!!!  We were so happy when we realized that!  Oh, also, Grande Prairie is the furthest north that they send Sisters.  All the sisters say they want to go here, so we're lucky!  Sister McEwen says we'll probably be here for about 6 months!  But you never know. 

NOW TO THE GOOD STUFF!  My first lesson was with an 83 year old man who lives in Wembly named Don.  He's such a sweet guy, he's Christian and reads the bible quite a bit.  It's really hard to get into lessons with him though because he talks SO MUCH.  his wife passed away in 2005 so he's a really lonely guy.  We only talked about prophets ahhaha but we gave him a book of mormon and invited him to read it and pray about it.  Hopefully he does!  We're meeting with him again tomorrow.  Ha and at the end of the lesson he goes to hug sister McEwen and it was awkward but then she just hugged him then I did.  hahahah oops.  I mean he's 83, what could we do?? :) 
On Friday we visited a less active lady, she has two kids and they're so adorable!  She really knows she needs to be back at church, her friends are really bad influences on her though.  She has stopped drinking though and really wants to come back!  We just gotta keep working with her, we're having FHE with her and her fam tonight, I'm excited! 

Saturday, we went out to another less active lady's house and she lives out in the boonies!  She has a horse ranch and we helped her wire up her new fence with the Elders who are serving in our ward.  It was pretty hot, but not compared to Utah!  Also, fun fact: DADDY LONG LEGS BITE IN CANADA!  Creepy, right??  Yeah I think Heavenly Father is trying to make me less scared of spiders because they were crawling all over me and I didn't quite freak out too bad..hahahah.  Sister McEwen got bit by on though it was crazy.  On our way back, we get a call from a high priest who was speaking in our Sacrament meeting the next day, and asked if one of us would speak with I volunteered because I knew I'd speak in the next couple weeks anyway, may as well, right?  I just spoke on our purpose (faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of the holy ghost, enduring to the end) super easy just coming out of the MTC. 

Also.....WE GOT A NEW INVESTIGATOR!!!!  she was a potential, so we went over to see if we could meet with her and she was sitting on her porch! We talked to her for a while, and she seemed kind of stand-offish, but we just jumped right in.  We talked about a lot from the first lesson, and she said she really feels good when she talks to us.  She read the first vision, and told us she just got a really good feeling when she read it.  THAT'S THE HOLY GHOST PLEASE JUST BE BAPTIZED!  Ha but really.  She also said she'd read the book of mormon and pray about it.  SCORE!  So that's my first new investigator story. 

We've also done a little bit of tracting, but mostly we work with less actives.  It's good!  We really want to try to get the members to be more involved in the work, sot that's my goal while I'm out here!  Also, President Manion said it's possible I could be training after 12 weeks...DAHH!  So I'm really trying to prepare for that! :)  

Sorry this is so long there's just so much!  I love you all so much!  MISSIONARY WORK ROCKS
Also, read 1 Nephi 1, and put yourself in Lehi or Nephi's shoes. It's pretty cool. 
love ya'll! 
Also, everyone here talks really weird, I hope I don't pick up on it hahah :) 
Sister Jones

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