Monday, August 25, 2014

Finding, finding, finding

This week has been such a blur!!! Holy moly..sorry if this doesn't make any sense. 
We had a really full week planned, but SO MANY of our appointments just didn't answer their doors or cancelled at the last minute, which was really frustrating..but since we had more time, we did a ton of knocking doors.  It goes to show that Heavenly Father really always has a plan, because we found 6 NPI's (New potential investigator) this week!  Almost one everyday!  We were super stoked about it!  This week should be full of appointments with them!
Tuesday morning, we visited The Dude.  The Dude is this guy who, 27 years ago, got into an ATV accident.  He can't talk and he can barely move, but he talks to us with his fingers.  It's pretty crazy, super cool though!  We go with the elders in our ward and Brother Meyers and get to share a message with him.  Aaand have nerf gun wars hahah.  He's really incredible though! 
Thursday night, we went to a baptism!!!  Her name is Twyla, the other sisters have been working with her.  But she has basically been a member of the church her whole life.  Her mom is a member, but her dad isn't, and he wouldn't let her get baptized.  So on her 18th birthday, she was finally able to be baptized!  It was really cool, we had our investigator, Mary, come and she also brought her daughter!  We're really hoping she'll be ready for baptism soon, she's progressing..but very very slowly.  She's been taking the lessons for a really long time and has already been taught everything.  Now she just has to act on it.  So we're working really hard with her. 
We had a lesson with Mary and another with a less active.  We had a few other appointments that day, and afterwards, we only had about 25 minutes til we had to be into our apartments.  We decided to tract for that time, and the first door we knocked on, nobody answered.  Across the street there was a guy standing out on his patio.  We went over to talk to him and he was like, "I believe in Lucifer!!!" we just kept talking to him.  A lady poked her head out the door, and he was like, "Oh!  Talk to her, she's a real strong catholic woman!!!" (he thought we were nuns lol) so we started talking to her.  She was really weirded out at first, but we started talking about the Book of Mormon.  She was really intrigued.  We told her that unlike the bible, there is only one interpretation of it and it contains the fulness of the gospel.  She asked us about baptizing babies, and we told her that we baptize after the age of 8, because children aren't accountable before then. She was really relieved!  We then got into the Plan of Salvation somehow and she just asked us if it was bad that she felt like crying.  We taught her that it was the spirit, and the spirit testifies of truth.  She started crying then we started was SO POWERFUL I CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN IT!  But we're meeting with her tomorrow!!!  I'm so stoked! 
Also, our investigator, Bobbie, has been praying everyday and she always texts us about how she feels that God is with her and she is so happy with herself when she prays!  #winning  We're so excited.

I can't believe it's already week three in Canada, time really does fly.
Sister McEwen and I had an epiphany the other day.  We realized every time we got an NPI, it was because we invited them to learn about SPECIFIC principles in the gospel, not just the gospel in general.  For example: would you be interested in learning more about life after death?  Stuff like that.  It has worked SO MUCH BETTER! 
I want to encourage all of you to really get into Preach My Gospel.  Your confidence in sharing the gospel will increase so much as you study the truth and learn the basics.  Simplicity is power! 
I love you all so much and really appreciate your support! 
Sister Jones

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