Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bear Sausage?

hello hello!

This week went by so fast, so much to say but so little time!  

On Tuesday, we visited with Charlene (a less-active), and her daughter, Natalia, who is 8 and not baptized wants to start taking the lessons so she can be baptized!!!  We're also starting the stop smoking program with Charlene this week, we're so excited!  
We also made prayer rocks with Griffin and Alora.  They're the cutest kids ever, and I really believe they're going to get baptized soon!  We're going to talk about a date this week with them, and really focus on getting them to church.  

 Exchanges were Wednesday and Thursday, and we found a couple solid potentials!  Basically all of our appointments fell through, so we did a ton of finding and stopping by people on the ward list that we don't know.  I learn so much from exchanges, I went with Sister Tanner again, she's such an awesome missionary.  

We had a couple lessons on Friday, one with our investigator Ashley.  She has been taking the lessons for a really long time, her common law is an inactive member.  They have committed to come to church a few times, but haven't come.  She knows it's all true, we just need to help her to feel the urgency and the importance of living the gospel.  She'll get there.  

We knocked on this old lady named Jean's door one night, and went back on Saturday to rake her leaves! She was SO happy we came, and we were glad we went when we did, because it snowed yesterday!  She is seriously the sweetest thing.  She was so grateful for our help.  

This weekend was Stake Conference, there were some awesome talks!  We have started to make a new ward mission plan with Bishop and our ward mission leader, and we're really hoping it gets the members excited about missionary work.  THIS IS THE WORK OF SALVATION, PEOPLE!  It's the most important thing you can be doing.  Sharing the gospel is the greatest and most important duty we have as members of the church.  Brother Pahulu said it very well, "if you're not looking for opportunities to share the gospel, you're not converted."  

This life we are all living is a LITERAL battle of good and evil.  I've seen how real Satan is, and the power he has over people's lives, but I've also seen how real God's power is.  If you want to be happy, you absolutely cannot be a fence sitter.  Decide now to take responsibility for your salvation, and always remember the good that you can do.  We have the ability to use God's power here on the earth, so let's use it!  

Onward, ever onward.

Sister Jones

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