Thursday, October 16, 2014

Grand Adventures

Holy cow I have literally NO time to write today because we went on the most GRAND adventure to a magical land called Kinuseo Falls.  Our Ward mission leader, Brother Brown and his family took us and it was SUCH a good time.  Also, it's Canadian Thanksgiving.  So we had a Thanksgiving dinner yesterday at Bishop's, and one today after Kinuseo Falls at another member's home.  so. much. food.  I probably don't need to eat for another year.

Soooo...this week was interesting.  We had 6 lessons planned for Tuesday, and were planning on a few of those becoming new investigators, aaaaand literally all of them fell through.  We ended up dropping a few of our investigators because they won't make the time or effort to meet with us and keep had been really rough, but we are one step closer to a miracle.  

Yesterday, we went finding in Muskoseepi Park (also another one of nature's wonders here in GP) and ran into a less active family who moved here from Ontario about a month ago!  NOTHING IS COINCIDENCE!  God's hand is definitely in our lives everyday and He makes things happen how He has them planned.  We ended up getting their info and we're going to go visit them!  They have two boys, ages 8 and 10 and we're pretty sure they aren't baptized.  She said she wants them to go to Cubs and she was wondering where the church is!  We're so excited for them, they're making their way back for sure.  :)
On Saturday, we went out to Sister King's, and did some service for her.  She has her own ranch where she keeps other people's horses(not sure what the technical term is for that..) and we helped her rip out a few fences and re-wire them, rip out a couple gates and put them in other places.  We were there all day and I'm STILL sore..hahah it's a good kind of sore though.  It was a good time. 
sorry this is so short, like I said, I have ZERO time, but I absolutely LOVED this talk from conference, so ya'll need to read it!  If you've already read it again since conference, read it again!  Literally every sentence he says is SO powerful.
Onward, ever onward.  
Sister Jones

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