Sunday, November 9, 2014



first off, transfer calls were this morning......aaaandd.......I'M GETTING TRANSFERRED TO DRAYTON VALLEY!  Definitely did not see that coming.  We thought for sure I would be in Grande Prairie for 6 months, but obviously God always knows better, and although I'm heartbroken to have to say goodbye to all the people I have grown to love so much here, I'm excited for a new adventure.  I'll be with Sister James, who goes home after this transfer.  

We got to go ice skating last Monday which was definitely an adventure!  I only biffed it once, so I call that a success. :)  We had some pretty amazing lessons with our investigators, things really are looking up for the Bear Creek ward!

For Halloween, our ward had a trunk-or-treat/chili cook off!  That was definitely an adventure.  Along with the Elders, we dressed up as old people.....hahaha it was EPIC.  We borrowed canes from a member, and put flour in our hair (which takes like 6 washes to get out btw...don't try this at home, kids.) I probably said the word "whippersnappers" more in one night than I have in my whole life.  (hence the subject line...sorry, i'm running out of ideas people.)

We tracted into this pentecostal lady on Saturday who invited us in!  It wasn't until we got in that we realized she was pentecostal.  We ended up being there for like...2 hours..which was not good, but we semi taught the first lesson, but she was more interested in comparing the things we believe.  We just bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and the power that it has.  the spirit was so strong, and she ended up saying she'd read ours if we would read hers (she gave us a bible study pamphlet from her church) so we agreed!  Hopefully they go back to teach her after I leave!  

Something I have realized this week is how much happier we are when our focus is to become Christlike.  If we can strive for the attributes he has, literally everything else falls into place.  We don't have to be a different person, just a better version of who we already are.  God doesn't see us as who we are, he sees us as who we can become.  Even though I'm so incredibly imperfect, I know that God still loves me.  And he will help me to become the person he sees.

Onward, ever onward.
Sister Jones
Our District Halloween costumes!  (2 peas in a pod)

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