Wednesday, November 19, 2014

White washing in a winter wonderland!

hey hey!
What a week.  Let me tell you.  Monday and Tuesday were spent saying goodbye to all the wonderful people of Grande Prairie, I miss them so much!  Wednesday was transfer day, so we had to leave at 6:30am to get to Edmonton.  Luckily the weather wasn't bad at all, so we got there safely. 
J Squared
Sister James and I are here in Drayton Valley and it's so great.  The first day was reeeeally difficult, we had nothing set up, so we tried to get in contact with the investigators that the sisters before us were teaching, and we have a few appointments set up for this week!  We're super stoked!  Sister James served here in Drayton about 6 months ago, and was surprised to be called back here for her last transfer.  I'm glad she's here, she knows the members so it has been easier to get to know the branch.  The members here are REFERRAL MACHINES!  So many missionary minded people.  Let me tell you, it's amazing. 
The branch covers a pretty big area, so there's lots of driving. 
The high temp for this week is -14c
the pine and spruce trees covered in snow is the most beautiful sight(site?) in the world
 WATCH THIS VIDEO ^^^^ PLEEEASE and I just want to encourage you all to look outside of yourselves this week.  When we are being selfless, everything else falls into place.  There are people out there who are struggling, who need a smile or a helping hand.  If you're struggling, turn to the Lord.  He will lift you higher than you can lift yourself. 
Sorry this is so short..THE CHURCH IS TRUE! 
Onward, ever onward.
Sister Jones

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