Tuesday, July 14, 2015


 sooo i have like zero time to email, we're going to the West Edmonton
Mall today, which is the biggest mall in Canada.  I'm stoked.

we got a call Friday morning from President Manion, and he told me
that he was calling me as a sister training leader.  😑 my first
reaction was, "president, are you sure?" he just laughed and said he
would see me at the new leadership meeting the next day.  Monday we
got calls saying that I'm going to the River Valley Ward with Sister
Howard!  It's on the south west side of the city.

We taught Buja and Dia the restoration and they LOVED it!  we taught
from the book of mormon a lot, and would have Buja read it from her
Hindi one.  She would then explain it to us in English and we all
learned so much.  We showed her the picture of the first vision and
asked what might be happening in the picture, and she goes, "well, i
think he's calling a new prophet!" we were just like...uh yeah.  they
are both so smart.  we invited Buja to be baptized on August 22, and
she looked at her husband and said, can I?  and he said yes!!!  they
want dia to wait a little longer, but MAN it was amazing.  going out
of forest heights with a bang!

Last night, our original plans fell through, so we thought to go see
Wendy, a less active we have been working with who is progressing very
slowly...but she really is coming along.  we had the thought to change
our lesson plan and read with her in the Book of Mormon from Alma 32
about faith and nourishing the seed to help it grow.  the spirit was
SO strong.  and she told us that she was already thinking about that
concept that day and that really was the message she needed to hear.
she was so grateful and man...so was i.  it is the greatest thing to
realize that the spirit really is working through you.  so humbling.

also we totally gave a book of mormon to the ice cream truck lady and
she said she would read it. #preachingbytheway

leaving an area is so bitter sweet.  it's hard because you don't want
to leave these people that you have lost so much sleep over, prayed
ferventlyabout, and worked so diligently to meet their needs for the
past transfers.  But on the other hand, it's so amazing to see all the
Lord has done through you.  So many miracles were wrought in this land
of forest heights!!!  i will never forget this place and it will
forever be holy ground.

anywho, i'm peacin' out to the west edmonton mall. ✌

onward, ever onward.

sister jones

randoms from the week and all my forest heights bff's 💛

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