Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Agents of Jesus Christ, Peddlers of the Bike of Righteousness, and SOLICITORS OF SALVATION

If you're wondering about the subject line, Sister McEwen and I thought we were pretty smart while thinking it up.  Ha lots of people here have signs on their doors that say "no agents, peddlers, or solicitors"..and as a missionary sometimes you think you're hilarious and this is one of those times.  Carry on.
This week has been an adventure (as always).  We had half of our lessons fall through due to less actives really not wanting to meet with us.... it's frustrating.  But we did a whole lot of tracting!  Good ol' tracting..we actually find quite a bit of success while tracting, believe it or not!  Anyways, I'll tell ya about my week. 

Monday was pday!  After emailing and such, we had supper with a member and then went to the YSA FHE!  We played dodgeball which was such a good time.  Then I got DRILLED in the face by an Elder in our district...hahaha and afterwards we were visiting a less active and she goes, "was it this side of your face?...I can tell..."  HA!  I had a pretty good fat lip, but it was gone by tuesday :)  Good times...

Tuesday was good, the two wards in Grande Prairie had a relief society dinner activity, so we went to that!  We've been really trying to get close with the members!  Missionary work without the members is nothing.  NOTHING I TELL YOU!  so all of you non missionaries, GET ON IT!  :)  

Wednesday morning, we did some service and helped with a "street store"!  It was the first one the community put on.  Basically what it is, is a TON  of donated clothes that they put out and people who can't afford clothes for themselves come by and take what they need!  They literally had MOUNTAINS of garbage sacks full of clothes.  

Thursday we had district meeting and all that fun stuff.  We got a new investigator!!!! Her name is Christa and she's so wonderful.  She and her husband have two little kids.  We taught her the Restoration, and she really seemed to understand it all.  BUT their family is going out of town for two weeks...NOOOOO!  so we'll have to get in touch with her in a couple weeks.  She said she would read the Book of Mormon on the drive though!  She's so solid.  

Friday and Saturday...we did so. much. tracting.  It was tiring.  We found a couple potentials though!  SCORE!  Tracting on saturday nights isn't very effective at all though...our appointments fell through so that was basically our only option..yeah drunk people aren't really all that receptive to the spirit...who woulda thought?? :)  But I did get asked which wife I was.  That was funny.  WE'RE NOT POLYGAMISTS I PROMISE!  Oh well.  good stuff.  We had supper with a member family on Saturday, they're the greatest.  Everyone here has babies and I just want to hold them but I can't and it's depressing!!! We went over to the Bishop's to visit, and literally, they are my favorite people ever.  The kids are HILARIOUS I can't stop laughing when I'm over there.  They made me a cupcake with the letter J on it for Jones.  cute, right?  They're so wonderful.  
Yesterday, we had supper with the Wheelers after church.  They are literally the funniest people I've ever met.  They all have british accents, and are recently coming back from inactivity.  They're going to the temple in October and it's so exciting!!!  I love them so much! 

I realized on Saturday that I've been out for a month!!!  It's nuts.  missions are just a giant time warp I don't understand it.  I'm so happy to be here. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!  

Like I said before, we've been working really hard to get the members involved.  It's coming along...slowly but surely.  Most people can't remember the last time they had a convert baptism in our ward, so the members don't really think it's all that possible.  It'll happen here pretty soon though, I know it!

One thing Sister McEwen and I have talked a lot about lately is that the works of God cannot be frustrated.
D&C 3:1-3  look it up!  Even though sometimes we may feel that things aren't going as planned, they totally are.  God is always in control and He has a plan.  Whenever someone would cancel an appointment, we would get frustrated, but then have to realize that God is in control.  He knows where he wants us to be and he will make a way for success as long as we are working our hardest.

I love you all so much!  Don't be afraid to seek missionary experiences.  Pray for them and God WILL give them to you.  He will place people in your path that you are meant to share your light with.  Sharing the gospel not only strengthens those around you, but it strengthens YOU!  

Onward, ever onward.

Sister Jones

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