Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Platform 9 3/4=Baptism

Hello hello!

This week was an adventure (as always) and it was also the first week of my second transfer!  CRAZY, RIGHT?!  Also, a group of new missionaries came out, so Sister Rush and I got really excited when we realized we're not the new kids anymore. :) 

The Dude

On Tuesday, we went over to the Dude's for what I thought was going to be a testimony meeting, since our District Leader was getting transferred, but it turned out to be a mini birthday party for me!  And I haven't even gotten to the good part...wait for it.....it was a HARRY POTTER PARTY!  My dream, right?  Ha the elders made us all wands.  And Hannah made me a HP birthday cake.  People are the greatest.  
Also, I have an analogy for you all! (hence the subject line).  Baptism is like Platform 9 3/4.  Going through the brick wall (baptism) seems extremely difficult if not impossible to do, but it is the first big step we must take to get to Hogwarts (aka the temple) to learn all the things we must do (spells) to combat Satan's power (aka Lord Voldemort/Horcruxes).  Even though it's a leap of faith to plow through the brick wall not knowing if you'll get through successfully, when you are on time (have faith) things will work out and you won't slam into a brick wall :)  If that made any sense..if it didn't......just go with it :)  
Our District heading to Hogwarts at Platform 9 3/4

We had a really cool experience as well later that day!  We were going over to see if a less active was home (she wasn't) and we felt like we should stop by Mak and Jennifer's (Jennifer dropped us the second week I was here)  We knocked on the door, and Mak opened and was like, "my SISTAS!  Where have you been?? Why haven't you been visiting me!" (also he's so black, and has a SWEET accent) then he invited us in and we were so confused!  We just sat down and talked for a while, then Jennifer came out, and talked with us as well.  Mak really wanted to show off his new MASSIVE sound system in their living room, so we made a compromise and listened to some church songs with them :)  We shared a scripture from Mosiah with them, and Mak had a book mark where the scripture was, so we asked him if he likes the Book of Mormon so far, and he said that it's his second time through....HE ALREADY READ THE WHOLE THING AND IS IN MOSIAH FOR THE SECOND TIME!  We were definitely not expecting that!  We asked him if he thinks it's true, and he said he knows it is.  Jennifer on the other hand hasn't read...which is why she dropped us.  The Book of Mormon is so vital in the conversion process!  It's impossible to gain a testimony of the church if you don't read the Book of Mormon.  So we committed her to read and pray to know if it's true.  She said she would!  I was about to commit Mak to be baptized, and right at that moment he said, "Sister Jones, would you like to close with a prayer?"  ha.  bad timing.  But he works in the oil fields, so he works 21 days straight, then comes home for 3 days...and he doesn't have a sunday off for a few months.  Getting him to church is going to be the only issue we have with him.  Aaaand they need to get married.  Things will happen for them eventually.  We're going to read with Jennifer this week. 

Wednesday was my birthday, and it was swell.  The other sisters decorated our room and we have soooo many balloons since it was Sister Campbell's bday last week and mine this week... we don't know what to do with them all!  We had Donairs for lunch, which was quite the adventure...(and by quite the adventure I mean world war 3 in my stomach) All is well!  :)  We were going to visit with a member in our ward, and we were 5 minutes early, so both of us thought to knock on the house two doors down from her.  We knocked, and got talking to the lady, her name is Eleni, and she's SO SOLID!  Her family is from Greece, so she said she was Greek Orthodox, and her fiance is Mennonite, but there aren't either of those churches here in GP, so she said they were looking for a church!  She went down to Edmonton for the weekend, so she didn't come to church, but we're meeting with her tomorrow to teach her the first lesson!  We are SO STOKED!

We also taught Irene and Vengia, the two women from the Philippines we found last week.  We taught them the first lesson again, Vengia has a ton of questions since she knows some Mormons back home.  We committed them to read and pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true, and we're teaching them again tonight!  

The rest of the week went a lot slower than we hoped for, Bobbie was sick so we didn't see her all week, and Shauna wasn't able to meet or come to the Women's broadcast or church...and Olivier was busy as well.  Missionary work is really hard when things are slow, but the Lord always has a plan, and things always go according to His plan.  Patience is what I've trying hard to develop this past week.  It's rough when you are really trying to fulfill your purpose, but have nobody to meet with!  But that's when we continue on in patience and diligence and do our best to find those who are prepared to receive the restored gospel.  

In my studies this morning, I read President Monson's talk, "I Will Not Fail Thee, nor Forsake Thee."  (you can find it here)

Basically the whole thing is remarkable, but these two quotes really stood out to me:

"We become impatient for a solution to our problems, forgetting that frequently the heavenly virtue of patience is required."

"The history of the Church in this, the dispensation of the fulness of times, is replete with the experiences of those who have struggled and yet who have remained steadfast and of good cheer. The reason? They have made the gospel of Jesus Christ the center of their lives. This is what will pull us through whatever comes our way. We will still experience difficult challenges, but we will be able to face them, to meet them head-on, and to emerge victorious."

God knows that we must face challenges to be strengthened!  And He knows what I must face personally to be able to become the person He wants me to be.  THIS right here is the mission I was called to serve, and although the road is long, exhausting, and at times seemingly impossible, "the works of God cannot be frustrated".  
As we are exactly obedient and strive to be like Christ, we will have success.  I have learned that success isn't necessarily the outward results that people can see, but oftentimes the success we get is a change of heart, a new perspective, and a new attitude.  I know I'm supposed to be out here for a reason, and I learn so much everyday.  God knows who he wants us to be, it's our job to submit to His will and reach our fullest potential which is only possible through our Savior, Jesus Christ.  

Onward, ever onward,

Sister Jones 


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