Sunday, December 14, 2014


Greetings from Drayton Valley, Alberta!
I had like a bajillion emails this week, so I'm sorry this is going to be short.
I just wanted to share a really neat miracle that happened this week! 
Tuesday night, we decided to stop by a less-active man on the branch list that we didn't know.  We knocked on his door, and lo and behold, he doesn't live there anymore. (story of a missionary's life, right?) but we talked to the guy who did live there, definitely not interested #atheist ...BUT then I had this thought to ask, "do you know of anyone who might need a message of hope?" It went real quiet and he just sat there thinking...I knew he thought of someone, I could just see it in his eyes! FINALLY he said, "Michelle."  Then he gave us her address and sent us on our way!!!  WHHHAT??  This never happens.  So naturally, we drove over to her house as quick as we could (as the icy roads would permit of course) and knocked on her door!  Her boyfriend answered, then she came and we told her what had happened, and she had us come back the next morning.  We taught her the restoration Wednesday morning, and the spirit was so strong!  She said she would read and pray about the Book of Mormon and when she knows it's true, she'll be baptized!!! :) :)  We're so stoked for her.  She's so solid. 
We were also able to contact a referral we got from a member last week, Fay,  and we'll be teaching her and her son, Seth tonight in the Strasbourg's home! Miracles are happening here in Drayton Valley.  (cue princess diaries music...MIRACLES HAPPEN ONCE IN A WHILE, WHEN YOU BELIEEEEVE!)
^^^super great new bible video, give it a watch.

Onward, ever onward.
 Sister Jones

these Alberta skies though...



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