Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Transfer #3 in River Valley

WE GOT TRANSFER CALLS and I'm staying here in River Valley!  Sister
McKeon is coming to be my companion, and i cannot even tell you how
excited I am.  I got to go on exchanges with her a couple weeks back
and she's just a boss and I'm so excited to have a companion who is as
gungho about talking with everyone as I am. :)  I have a good feeling
about this transfer.

We started teaching Dawuta and it was all great!  She's still not
completely understanding why she would need to be baptized again into
our church if she has already been baptized, but we'll focus on that
this next lesson.  she got really busy all of a sudden, but we have
still been teaching Denise, Darren, and Dansel regularly.  We have the
lessons in a returning members home and it's all just so perfect.  they're adorable. :)

Our adventures!

we also got lost in the woods one day and found a potential!  hahah
okay let me tell the story so it makes more sense.
After all our plans fell through one day, we decided to go walking on
this path that led down to the river.  We talked to lots of people and
told them about conference and it was pretty fun.  And beautiful.
Then by the time we got started making our way back we realized we
were going to be late to our supper!  So we were running back and saw
this trail through the trees that looked like a shortcut, so we took
it!  it wasn't a short cut.  Hahah it just led us to this private
property so we had to turn around, then we took another path that we
thought would for sure lead us there, but alas....it took us to the
same private property.  (although this time we didn't see the sign so
we didn't intentionally break the law...) so we had to run across this
like...police training base that was super sketchy ha we thought
someone was going to arrest us or something.  But we came out into
this neighborhood we weren't familiar with, and decided to knock a
couple doors.  The second one we knocked on, this girl, Chanceline,
(yes a very fabulous name) let us in and we told her about conference
and the restoration and she wants us to come back!  She's 16 (pray
that her parents will let her learn pls.)
we were supposed to teach Tina last week and the lesson fell through
because her parents don't want her to learn.  :(  pray for them too!
gahhh she is just so golden!!!

we also had another lesson with the Quesadas (less active family we
found way back when) and brother quesada was actually there this time!
 It was so powerful.  He's still pretty hard hearted, but man the
spirit led that lesson like nobody's business.  Every time something
would come to my head, Sister Holbrook would say the same thing, and
vice versa.  We talked about the restoration and BOOM he just told us
all his concerns!  the spirit works wonders I tell ya.

also conference was the BOMB DIGGITY.  Totally ponderizing 2
Corinthians 9:7 this week.  I just really love how the spirit works.
like....there's just no denying it.  THERE IS A PROPHET ON THE EARTH

anywho, the church is true and i love it more than pizza which is a big deal.
but in all seriousness i really love it more than anything.  I know
without a doubt that Jesus is the Christ and this is his church.

onward, ever onward.

Sister Jones

Exchanges with sister Rasmussen!❤❤


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