Tuesday, September 29, 2015


well well well not much to say besides WE HAVE INVESTIGATORS!!!  yeah.  it only took about 2 months...hahah God works in mysterious ways.  

there were so many miracles this week it's not even funny.  here we go:

we started teaching Sandra!  Except she's YSA so we're passing her over to the YSA missionaries this week.  She's super solid and it went really well! :)  

we had interviews with president Manion and oh man I just love that guy.  If anyone is inspired of God, it's him.  
we also helped out with the food drive this week for Edmonton's food bank!  It was a lot of fun delivering flyers and getting to talk to people that way.  
also something super cool. Heavenly Father just gave me so many wonderful miracles for my birthday!!!  
First one was Wednesday night: we were trying to figure out what to do with our last half hour of the night because people HATE us if we knock on their door when it's night time.  We felt like we should go try this potential that we have tried a million times.  we weren't too sure but we went anyway.  We get out of the car, and this girl is walking with her dog so naturally we start petting it so we can talk with her.  And guess what, SHE ASKED US HOW WE'RE DOING!  yeah nobody else does that most people just run away from us lol.  But yeah she was SO nice and we talked to her for a while and turns out she's trying to figure out what she believes so we were like....well guess what we do!  :)  We have a lesson set up to teach her tonight!  Her name is Tina and she's 16, such a gem.  We're so excited.  
birthday miracle numero dos: we went to teach our returning less active's kids like we do every week, and guess who was there!  Dawuta's kids!!! We started teaching them and now we're teaching them with their mom tonight!!!  :)  They're adorable.  they're form Nigeria and they just love Jesus so much it's great.  their names are Denise, Darren, and Dansel.  Pray for them!
yet ANOTHER birthday miracle: at one point in the day, we had about 20 minutes until our next scheduled thing, so we decided to just go park somewhere and walk around to talk to people.  We talked to a few uninterested souls, and then this man drove by on his bike.  We yelled hello to him and he stopped and read our nametags and asks, "so you teach about Jesus?  How long will it take you to teach me?" we were just like....uhhhh and he gave us his number and wants us to come this week to teach his family!  His name is George and he's Lebanese.  so cool.  Literally God just placed him in our path!  what a wonderful gospel.  
My favourite cake❤❤
ready for another crazy happening?  We went to our supper appointment with Sister Crawford, the sweetest little old lady, and it comes time for dessert and she pulls out a...wait for it.....SKORE CAKE!  Whhat??? yes like the one I would have mom make me for my birthday!  (i mean we have a different name for it in the jones fam but i'm a missionary soooooo..i won't say it on here) yeah.  And she had no idea it was even my birthday.  Heavenly Father is so aware of us it's crazy.  I couldn't believe it!  so inspired to make that cake :) hahah.  
Sister Crawford, the angel who made the cake
another cool event: we went to Panago to get our favourite pizza and talked to the cashier for a bit about life and all that good stuff.  Then it got busy and we couldn't talk to him anymore.  We got our pizza and left and as we're about to drive away, we see Greg (the cashier) running out of the store to us to give us free water bottles!  It was so nice!  We gave him our card real quick so hopefully he'll call.  It was just really cool to see someone being so Christlike.  gotta love it.  

we had a supper appointment with this member and literally i have never been so full in my life.  she wouldn't let us stop eating til all the food was gone.  THANK GOODNESS FOR SKIRTS WITH POCKETS because we actually had to put food in there so we wouldn't barf.  

This transfer, I have been dealing with a lot of things that I actually haven't dealt with before, and it has been very overwhelming and stressful.  I have been trying and trying to fix things and have had to come to the realization that I can't do everything.  I can't fix everything on my own.  I finally humbled myself and asked for a priesthood blessing, and that was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I feel like sharing the experience in detail would down play the sacredness of it all, but it sufficeth me to say that God is real.  God can speak to each of us on a personal level that we may not even know.  He is SO available to each of us and He knows us inside and out.  He can give us direct and specific instruction and guidance.  I know without a doubt that my Heavenly Father lives.  And He loves me.  The power of His priesthood is real.  

God is good.  

Onward, ever onward.  

Sister Jones 

Our beautiful Drayton sisters!


So many comp selfies...

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