Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Yep yep

Transfers are this week and I'm STAYING IN RIVER VALLEY!  I've never had this many
transfers in one area before, so this will be fun. :) I'm excited to get one more transfer
with Sister McKeon! 

okay i don't have much time but here are a few miracles

They are the lost sheep we found the first week I got here.  It has been really hard for
her to take the step to come back to church, because her husband doesn't want us to
teach him anymore and he doesn't want to come back.  BUT SHE CAME!  We went and
hugged her and said we were so glad she came and she says, "well.  there comes a
point when you have to decide and act.  God is with me so I know I can do it.  I know it is
right."  SHE'S SO AMAZING. It was kind of like an inspirational movie. Ya know the kind that
just make you so excited and ready to take on the world? :)  Such strength and faith.  man.
I'm so grateful for her.  

Yesterday, we were in the car cutting up some fliers for our english class, and this lady
was walking on the sidewalk next to us.  I rolled down my window and we started talking
to her, and she recognized me immediately.  She said, "you talked to me on a bus downtown
once!" I didn't recognize her, but i'm sure I did.  (we talk to so many people..it's crazy..)
but then she told us that she moved just down the street and is coming out of what has
been a crappy life.  then she said, "ever since that day on the bus that you talked to me,
my life has been looking up.  things are getting better."  PLANTING SEEDS IS A REAL
THING I'M TELLING YOU!!!  Yep.  that was probably one of the most humbling experiences.
the Lord really does work through his children to meet others needs.  I LOVE THE GOSPEL.  

SOOOO much opposition is in force against our english class we're trying to teach. 
the fliers we put up have been thrown away and lost and it has been crazy, but we finally
had a few people call us saying that they will be coming this week!!!  WE'RE SO EXCITED!!!
"No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing!"  

WE HAD ANOTHER CAR SIGN MIRACLE!! We showed it to this man named Hashim and
he nodded saying he wanted a book of mormon, but he couldn't pull over and it was crazy
and long story short, we couldn't find him.  We prayed our guts out and then decided to drive,
and we saw a car that looked a little like his so we followed him and flashed our brights at him
(hahahah it was a good thing it ended up being him) and then he pulled over and we ran and gave
him the Book!!!!!!!!  GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS! He really does.  

Moroni 7:33 "And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever
thing is expedient in me."

anywho, I know that God's hand is in the work and I know that He loves and knows each of you. 
Onward, ever onward.
Sister Jones 

We made DREAMCATCHERS with s super cool lady who isn't a member

She totally carved that melon!

Some awesome members ❤

Our district

Annnd Remembrance Day poppies!

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