Tuesday, November 10, 2015


We had two ZTM's this week and gave some trainings and it was all really fun and spirit led and the missionaries here are just incredible.  

We started working with this less active family who is deciding to come back to church!  We'll call them the B family.  We had a lesson with the mom, and she opened up to us a lot with some concerns and also how they feel like they  need to get back to church.  We weren't sure what to share before going in, but the spirit just brought it to my mind so quickly and it was exactly what she needed.  We're really excited to keep working with them, we're seeing them again tonight

There's this newly developed neighborhood in our area that we call Erindale (mostly because we forget what it's called all the time, but also because it's MAGICAL!!!!)  Literally, every single time we knock on any doors there, at least one house lets us in to teach them.  On Sunday night, we went, the first two doors weren't interested, but the third let us in! They are a Filipino family and we just simply taught the restoration and the Book of Mormon and it was SO powerful.  They now want the Tagalog elders to teach them!  
Then, Latha, who was right next door let us in after us only saying we wanted to teach her about eternal families.  She's from India and has the cutest little boys ever.  One is 8 and one is 3.  (i don't know how to even try to spell their names..) but yeah they're adorable.  Right when we sat down on the couch, the little 3 year old just JUMPS up onto my lap and cuddles me it was so cute. Then I had to sneakily put him on the couch instead because of mission rules...but it was just precious.  They go to a Pentecostal church, and after us teaching Latha about the restoration, she wants to come to our church this Sunday to see what it's like!  We're also teaching her again tomorrow!  Pray for Latha!  She's wonderful!  
Then.....the house next door to her was a man named Paul who is Chinese!  He was so confused when we knocked on his door, but the spirit helped him understand what we were saying and we got to go back the next day with the Mandarin speaking elders.  It went really well and let me tell you i am SO GRATEFUL that Heavenly Father didn't ask me to speak Mandarin on the mission.  holy moly.  we were so lost.  BUT something really neat: when one of the elders started reciting the First Vision in Chinese, I automatically felt the spirit and just knew that it was the first vision.  THE CHURCH IS TRUE. :) 
THENNNNN the next house was a Turkish family!  The parents don't speak super great english, but we're going to bring them a turkish Book of Mormon. :)  yep.  

okay and THENNNNN yesterday (on exchanges with Sister Smith who is a greenie and Australian and a BOSS btw)  we went back to the same street and got let into ANOTHER Filipino house.  Victor found a Book of Mormon at Good Will and he said, "I saw it, and knew it was for me, so now I have it here!"  His wife and sister who live with him are SUUUPER catholic, there were statues of Mary all over the place, but I think he really is elect.  So we'll go back with Tagalog on Friday. :)  
THENNNNN (I bet you're wondering when the miracles will end on this street..hahha NOT YET!) we knocked on Dennis' door.  He's Russian and SO elect it's unreal.  He was kind of not wanting to talk, and then he saw the Book of Mormon picture on the back of the pamphlet we gave him, and that made him even a little more unwilling to listen.  But he kept talking to us and the spirit just literally gave us the words to say and it was incredible.  You could literally see the light in his eyes getting brighter and brighter.  The spirit just testified over and over again as we tried to answer his questions as best we could, and after 40 minutes on his porch, he finally accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and said he would read it.  We're going back in a week to see how it's going.  I just...AHHH can't even describe how the love of God just fills my heart when I talk to these people.  man...that's what it's all about.  I LOVE IT. 

we had Stake Conference, and the Adult session on Saturday night was SO POWERFUL.  it was the bomb.  Elder and Sister Spackman came from Calgary and they are just so wonderful.  A lot of their words were about missionary work.  It was so solid.  Elder Spackman talked about a general statistic, that people, on average, have 7 contacts with the church before they are baptized.  (whether or not this is completely accurate is besides the point i want to make).  So often we think we are unsuccessful missionaries or people trying to share the gospel or even just serve people, because we try and invite, and they don't accept, so we think we have failed.  THAT'S SO NOT TRUE.  When a seed is planted, it doesn't bloom the next day.  It takes frequent water, sunlight, and care until it finally blooms over time.  The efforts we make DO matter and they DON'T go unnoticed by our Heavenly Father.  "there is no such thing as something for nothing with the Lord." Most of the time, our efforts are numbers 1-6, and we don't really see what happens after that.  But my friends, i'm here to tell you that they do matter and every time you reach out to serve someone, you are making a difference.  You have no idea the difference you make in others lives when you simply reach out and serve.  THAT is the way of the Saviour: reaching outward.  
i love you all and i love the gospel and i love Alberta Beef.  

Onward, ever onward.  

Sister Jones

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