Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Give us this day our daily bread - Matthew 6:11

HOLY CROWS what a week. 

sooo Londonderry is a great area and there is SO MUCH WORK it's kind of overwhelming, I won't lie.  We also cover Castle Downs ward and there is so much work for us to do there, too!  
We have a bunch of investigators so that's cool.  And a ton of media referrals to work with.  People here on the north side just want the gospel!  

I'll tell you a couple good things from this week:

The sisters have been teaching this Nigerian family for about 3 months now, and they are so great.  They are still pretty committed to their church right now, they have assignments there, so it's been hard to get them to come to church with us.  We had a lesson with them and were talking about that, and the boys, Michel (9) and Iven (6) were not wanting to come to ours because their church was having cake for a birthday party afterwards.  We were just like, "well you gotta figure out what God needs you to do." and they were like, "ahh man we just want cake!" so then we asked them to pray right then to see where God wanted them to go for church.  They both were kneeling down and praying in their heads and about 15 seconds goes by and Iven goes, ".....FINE.. we have to go to your church." and Michel was like, "NOOOOO WE NEED CAKE!!!" and Iven goes, "well God told me so!"  It was really precious and also really funny because they're the cutest kids ever.  They didn't end up coming to church though because Abi had to do his assignments at their other church.  :/ Pray for them! (Nike, Abi, Michel, and Iven) 

We also got to see one of my favorite people in the entire world..wait for it....JANET SULLEH!!!!! She used to live in Forest Heights, but now is in Castle Downs!  She's at a nursing home now and when I walked in she was like, "IT'S SO GOOD TO SEE YOU! HAVE YOU BEEN LOOKING FOR ME??" And she had my little card I made for her hanging on her wall.  so precious.  I love that lady so much.  such an angel.  

Yesterday, we were trying by a less active who wasn't home, and while walking back to the car, I felt like we should knock on this random house so we did.  And it was AMAZING.  Whenever I have thoughts like that, as I'm doing what the spirit tells me, I kind of doubt myself and am like, "what is nothing even happens?" but that's SATAN!  We knocked and Alanna opened the door and let us in right away.  Elders had helped her last summer, so she recognized our tags!  We didn't get to teach her a ton, but we helped her take down her Christmas tree and basically listened to her crazy life story. She has had a few family members pass away in the past few years and we had a really inspired discussion on the afterlife and stuff.  so that was cool.  And she's letting us come back later this week!!! :) The spirit is so cool.  I love it.  

basically every prayer I have said this week has been just asking Heavenly Father to give me the daily bread i need.  We have had SO MUCH to do, I was really stressed out at the beginning of the week.  We had two ZTM's that we needed to give training at, and I wasn't at the MLC where they got the training, then we had exchanges, and we spoke in sacrament meeting and there was just so much.  But I can testify that the Lord ALWAYS provides the things that we need. 

"The Lord’s invitation to seek our daily bread at our Heavenly Father’s hand speaks of a loving God, aware of even the small, daily needs of His children and anxious to assist them, one by one. He is saying that we can ask in faith of that Being “that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given” (James 1:5). That is, of course, tremendously reassuring, but there is something at work here that is more significant than just help in getting by day to day. As we seek and receive divine bread daily, our faith and trust in God and His Son grow.
-Elder Christofferson 

God is good. 

Onward, ever onward. 

Sister Jones

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