Tuesday, February 17, 2015

a "once more" kind of attitude

What a week!

-we got to stay in the mission home in Sherwood Park on Monday night for Zone Conference on Tuesday.  love that place!
-Zone Conference was SO good.  we learned about having our hearts in the right place and how that can motivate us to be consecrated missionaries.  Our zone leader's trainings are always so awesome.  they're rockstars.  
MTC besties at Zone Conference :)
-we have now contacted about 30 of the former investigators from the area book (out of 89) and have a couple more weeks to contact the rest.  Yes.  We're expecting miracles!  We have been able to set up return appointments with a lot of the formers we've contacted so that'll make for a joyful week!
-we also went ice fishing yesterday which was cold and no we didn't catch anything.  definitely an adventure.
ice fishing!
-we had a pretty good lesson with Lynn, she's still reading the book of mormon, having a rough time with prayer.  But she's progressing.  She doesn't think she is, but she  has been acting in faith and really trying her best.  We're going to have a lesson with her in the church this week to help her feel more comfortable to come on Sunday! :)
-Brandy, a girl who is in Junior High, her family investigated the church a while back, we (basically just Sister Whiting) have been tutoring her with her math.  She told us this week that before we started helping her, she was getting 20-30% on all her tests, and on her last test, she got above 80%!!!  #miraclesonmiraclesonmiracles  #servicesoftenshearts
-We had a lesson with our NEW INVESTIGATOR, Colin!  I'm going to back up for a minute...
a week ago from last Sunday, we were tracting.  We knocked a few doors and after all of them slamming in our faces, we weren't sure if God was telling us to go somewhere else, or if we should stay and try a little longer.  We decided to knock one more house, and we met Colin.  He told us he wasn't religious and wasn't really interested.  we gave him a mormon.org card and went on to try another area.  About an hour later, we got a text asking if this is the sister missionaries, and it turns out it was Colin!  He said he would have invited us in to teach him if his friends weren't there, so we set up a lesson for later in the week!!!  NO EFFORT IS WASTED!  We gave him a tour of the church building and then started teaching him the nature of God.  He doesn't really have a religious background at all.  We had the lesson in the chapel, and let me just tell you lessons in the chapel are INCREDIBLE!!!  When you walk into the chapel, you can just FEEL a difference.  The spirit resides there and when we enter, we open our hearts a little more to feel its guidance.  I JUST LOVE IT!  Colin said the closing prayer and he hasn't really ever prayed before!!! JDASIOG;HR;AJFRE'AJFE;FJKDS;AJFIO;RJIO;E   it was so awesome.  AND he said he would be baptized when he knows it's true.  NO EFFORT IS WASTED, I TELL YOU!  I have learned that when you develop a "once more" attitude, you truly see miracles.  Let's knock one more house, let's meet with them once more, let's try to talk to one more stranger, etc.  Looking at all we have to do as missionaries can get pretty overwhelming.  But if we just tell ourselves, "one more time."  Eventually, we can attain the summit and sing the song of redeeming love as we serve the Lord with all our hearts!  

whatever it is that you're going through, don't give up. Every time we try one more time, we're exercising our faith, and God ALWAYS blesses his children who exercise their faith.   just try once more. :) 

Onward, ever onward.

Sister Jones

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