Sunday, February 1, 2015

Odds & Ends (Photos)

our Christmas tree

yes, I held a bearded Dragon

Canadians like to build creepy snowmen...

...and they really like inusuks (I don't even know how to spell that...)


Kinder Eggs are LIFE! (and illegal in the states...)

Wing Night at the Kinniburghs!

Transfer Mtg / Christmas Concert with the greatest missionaries on the planet

When you are a missionary, you make the best of missionary friends!

Finally saw Elder Josh Barlow!  Utah Valley Children's Choir is totally taking over Canada!

Christmas Eve with Garrett & Melissa

our "forever alone" pictures on Christmas Eve

Sister Whiting & me

mini pregnant pony

my new best friend named Zedechiah (he's an alpaca)

this is what -39 looks like!

mini pump jack

flag of the promised land

new windshield!


minnion missionaries

exchanges with sister Douglas

Dinner with the Kinniburghs

Tyler & Raelyn <3

miracle chips

a baby miniature pony!

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