Monday, February 9, 2015

"...but that ALL should come to repentance."

It has been snowing quite a bit this week so we have done LOTS of shoveling for strangers and investigators.  (let me tell you my body is feeling it..hahha) We had a cool experience while shoveling though!  We decided to knock doors and ask if we could shovel their driveways,and do some finding that way.  the first house we knocked on wouldn't let us...awkward..but the next house we knocked on did!  They were so confused, we just told them we wanted to help and it was free!  In the middle of shoveling, the guy comes out (his name was Bill) and asks us, "soooo are you mentally deficient, or....?"  HA maybe we are I don't know but then we just told him that we teach about Christ and what better way to teach than to live as he did.  He thought that was really neat.  We gave him a card and he was so grateful and his heart was softened by service.  Pretty neat.  

We had a really awesome lesson with Lynn on Thursday!!!  In our previous lesson, we had taught the restoration, and she said she needed a little time to let it all sink in, so we watched the 20 minute Restoration video with her.  the spirit was so strong, and I FINALLY felt like we were asking inspired questions and truly teaching to her needs.  she opened up about her concerns and her feelings about it all and we were able to let the spirit testify through us to her.  

I also got bit by a dog this week.  hahahah don't worry mom, it wasn't bad, just bit my hand but my mittens protected me :)  

OH and Gord hasn't been smoking for 2 weeks and they're getting sealed on Valentines Day of next year and I can't even tell you how happy my heart is for them.  I just want to shout out and REJOICE I'm so happy!  

We also talked to a potential named Daisy who is Hispanic!  We gave her a Spanish Book of Mormon and are going to have a Skype lesson with the Spanish elders in the city so they can teach her! :)  

We have been trying to contact all the formers in our area book this transfer, and we now have a few lessons set up for this week with some of them!  

we also had this less active, Brother P, come to church yesterday. I just want to say I thought I was going to faint I was so surprised!  I honestly thought that it would never happen in a million years (oh ye of little faith..) and HE CAME and my heart just rejoiced.  

There's this really cool thing as a missionary when you're teaching a lesson, and all of a sudden this huge spiritual epiphany comes to you and it all just makes sense and your heart is filled with joy! ------->  We were teaching a less active about the sacrament, and then it just dawned on me.  The sacrament is for everyone.  The sacrament is for me.  Here I am, declaring repentance to these people and I haven't even fully taken advantage of the beautiful gift to be given a clean slate every single week as I can repent and partake of the sacrament.  I tend to get down on myself because of my weaknesses and sometimes even think that it is too late to be the best missionary I can be because of past mistakes, but that is SO not true.  We can't limit the power of the atonement.  It reaches every single one of our weaknesses and Jesus Christ can literally pull us out of our natural ways.  We just have to accept his grace as we do all we can to be better than we were yesterday or even 5 seconds ago.  After the Sacrament yesterday, a recent convert, Amber, leans over to me and goes, "now would be the perfect time to die." hahah it was funny but isn't that so true!  The sacrament cleanses us and literally our sins are gone.  GONE!  I can testify that true repentance is daily, even hourly, and Jesus Christ can always always ALWAYS, make us clean again.  

"The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is long suffering to us, not willing that any should perishbut thaall should come to repentance."     [2 Peter 3:9]

the church is true and God loves all of you!

Onward, ever onward.

Sister Jones

  Everyday I'm shovelin'

Our awesome Branch President owns a car care place and put this sign outside of his shop #preachit

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