Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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greetings from the land of River Valley where we are still lacking in new gators, but definitely not lacking in miracles and the spirit so all is well.

first of all we had a CRAZY manifestation of the power of the priesthood!!  like i said last week, Sister Holbrook had lost her voice completely and she was feeling pretty sick and we were supposed to exchange with Drayton Valley, but we weren't sure what the heck we were supposed to do and we were stressed.  We called the Tagalog elders and got her a blessing, and in the blessing, he said that she would have a quick recovery!  We weren't sure how quick Heavenly Father was meaning...but we just went forward in faith and left for the exchange.  We got on the Henday and i told Sister Holbrook which exit she would need to get off on and she repeated it back to me and her voice was ALL THERE.  And the rest is history and she was miraculously healed of her illness and the exchange was prime and it was wonderful.  pretty sweet, hey? 
I got to see the Kinniburgh's and Chaise and it was so wonderful.  i love my drayton family.  
I went with Sister Priestley who is a new missionary and it was a lot of fun.  We had some fun/awkward experiences while talking with those good souls of DV and it was all around a great exchange.  

We also exchanged with Greenfield/Rutherford and I got to go with Sister Mckeon who is INCREDIBLE.  seriously i felt like she should be my sister training leader.  Anyway, she's such a boss and we saw lots of miracles!  We didn't have any appointments, so we just went crazy and gave away so many Book of Mormons.  It reminded me of Forest Heights it was so much fun.  We went to this certain traffic circle where there are lots of people outside, and we were just running around talking to everyone and they all probably thought we were crazy.  We saw this guy named Edward and talked with him and gave him a book of mormon, he wasn't too excited or overly interested, but he said he would read, just didn't want us to come teach him.  And later that day, we had about 20 minutes until our supper appointment, and we weren't sure where we needed to go.  so Sister Mckeon just opened the book of mormon and it said something about elders...so we were like, the elders live near here so let's just go on their street and talk with people! Soooo we did and we were talking to this old man, and we look over to the next house, and THERE IS EDWARD OUTSIDE HIS HOME!  it was crazy.  We got to talk to him a little more but he was leaving.  Yeah so now we can go back in a while to see how he is liking the Book of Mormon.  :)  #revelationfromthebookofmormon  
We also found a few solid potentials for other missionaries, and one for hopefully ourselves.. fingers crossed!  We're not sure if she's ysa aged.  But we'll see.  
moral of the story, exchanges are cool.  

uhm...also other cool things....we sanded and painted a deck!  

OH OH OH I ALMOST FORGOT!  Before i got here, there was a less active named Megan that the sister were working with along with her two daughters, Morgan and Mila, who are ADORABLE.  When I got here, a bunch of things came up and Megan wouldn't meet with us and we lost contact.  BUT we all of a sudden got a text from her on Friday and she wanted us to help her pack up the girls rooms before they moved! (thankfully they're still in the ward) and we got to go and help and meet them and it was just a huge miracle.  We finally met her and the girls are amazing and we're going to start teaching them again.  

also, remember Riley? We found him when i first got here?  Yeah we lost contact for a bit, but we're now teaching him again!  We read the Book of Mormon with him to get him started and it was so spiritual and so wonderful and we get to teach him again on thursday. :)  

I fasted on sunday, and let me tell you it was glorious.  We were in sacrament meeting and I was feeling a little inadequate and bummed about still not having new people to teach, and lo and behold the intermediate hymn.....266 The Time is Far Spent.  (my fave)
The 4th verse especially hit me (as it does every time) 
Be fixed in your purpose, for Satan will try you;
The weight of your calling he perfectly knows.
Your path may be thorny, but Jesus is nigh you;
His arm is sufficient, tho demons oppose.
His arm is sufficient, tho demons oppose.

BE FIXED IN YOUR PURPOSE, SISTER JONES!  STOP LETTING SATAN GET TO YOU!  that's basically what I heard and boy did I need that!  This life is a time of testing and trial, we must accept it as that and strive to be the best we can be and keep our heart set on Christ.  There is no other way to live this life that will bring the happiness we all yearn for, he is the way.  

 Behold, I am the law, and the light. Look unto me, and endure to the end, and ye shall live; for unto him that endureth to the end will I give eternal life. [3 Nephi 15:9]

No matter what we have to face in this life, Christ's arm IS sufficient.  His GRACE is sufficient.  

Onward, ever onward.  

Sister Jones

Mission tour (half the mission)

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