Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Sister Holbrook and I ❤❤

Well well well it has been a week of miracles and some pretty SWEET experiences with the spirit.

First of all, Sister Holbrook is AMAZING!  For real I am so grateful she is my companion, we have been going hard and seeing some pretty neat things happen. She goes home in a couple transfers and she's from Virginia. I just love her.

#3generations ❤❤
Sister Whiting and I ❤❤

Transfer meeting was crazy!  I am now a grandma, my Sister Moser is training and I got to meet my granddaughter. :). It was precious.
Aaand I saw sister whiting so my life was complete.

 As for the week I'm sure you're all dying to hear of the miracles so I won't make you wait any longer.

We still haven't gotten any new investigators, but no worries, all is well.  Life couldn't get much better because I get to wear the Saviour's name all the time.

Once upon a Saturday, we tried like....everyone we could and NOBODY
answered or was interested...we finally decided to just pray and ask
God what on earth we needed to do and where we needed to be. The
thought came to me to try a potential we found a few weeks ago, and
the thought came to Sister Holbrook to keep an eye out for people
moving. So we started driving to the potentials house and we look to
the right down this street and lo and behold a MOVING TRUCK half
unloaded just sitting there before our eyes!!!! We flipped around real
fast and parked so we could go help them. Usually when we ask if we
can help people, they just say no, but these people said YES!!!  They
just came from Calgary and had nobody there to help them. So we
unloaded their whole truck and talked with them a bit.  Sarah and
Shane. We invited them to church and to the chili cook off our Ward
is having next week and they said they would come!  It was just so
cool to see how God took us right where we needed to be to do his will
and to help those who would receive us. The gospel is pretty cool, I

"Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you; seek me diligently
and ye shall find me; ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall
be opened unto you." D&C 88:63
I just love this. When we ask with real intent, God will ALWAYS answer
us. Always. I know that to be true.

Also, we were able to start working with our eternigator (someone who
has been investigating for a really long time) grandma Vera who is the
greatest. She comes to church every week and all that, but won't be
baptized.  We had a couple lessons with her and she really opened up
after some inspired questions from sister Holbrook and now we know how
to help her!!!  That was a miracle for sure. We also got to help her
count over 4,000 buttons.....it was fun :)

We also received 3 referrals on Sunday from non members and contacted
a couple yesterday who are pretty promising!  Then we knocked on Anu's
door who we had talked to a while back about doing service. She let us
in to vacuum her living room, and while we did that, she started
asking all these crazy questions about how we're not Christian and all
that, so we basically taught her a brief restoration and then she said
she wanted to come to church, but would have to talk her husband into
it. Heavenly Father was just pouring the blessings onto us!!! Then we
were walking and started talking to a lady who isn't interested, but
asked if we sing. So we said yes and she wants us to volunteer at the
place she works at that takes care of disabled kids. she wants us to
sing to them!  We're super excited. :) #servicesoftenshearts #yes

So yeah. Life is good in the hood. Except I'm actually not in the hood
but I'll go back there one day. Anywho, I just learned a whole lot
this week about why I am really here and what this whole thing is
really about. My heart is just so full and I know without a doubt that
God answers prayers. He hears me and I know he hears you.  GOD IS

Onward, ever onward.

Sister Jones

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