Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Range Road Miracle

It's been a crazy week full of ups and downs, but i'll skip the intro and get down to business. 
Monday evening I learned that even though we have plans, God's plans are ALWAYS better.  We had a couple stop bys for less actives that we were going to do, when all of a sudden, we got a text from Kenny!  backing up---> we knocked on Kenny's door about the second week we got to Drayton.  He said we could come back and teach him, but he works in the oil fields, so he's literally NEVER home.  We've tried so many times to set up lessons, but he's too busy.  Anywho, we got a text from him saying he was home and we could stop by!!!  We needed numbers though, so we called around to find a member to come with us.  we called about 5 people with NO LUCK.  Finally, the spirit reminded us of Sister Curry, we called her, and she was free to come!  We had a good lesson with him, we watched He Is The Gift and talked about the Book of Mormon.  As of the end of last week, he said he's been reading!  Hopefully we'll be able to meet with him this week.

Thursday, we stopped by a nonmember named Morna Rae.  She's not very interested in the church, (very catholic) but loves the sisters. We watched He Is The Gift with her, and she cried and cried.  Then we shared Ether 12:8-9 and she loved it.  It was exactly what she needed to hear.  And guess what, SHE ACCEPTED A COPY OF THE BOOK OF MORMON FROM US!  AND said she would read.  (as well as the restoration pamphlet).  I'm telling you, that video softens hearts.  there are so many people who don't seem prepared, but ultimately just need to feel that spirit to give them a little shove in the right direction.  She said she's not converting, but we all know the Book of Mormon does wonders. :) 

Since we got here, we've been searching for an investigator who moved to Drayton from Edmonton.  The only information we had on her was that she lived on a certain range road.  (mind you, that range road stretches about 20 miles).  Saturday, we decided to tract it.  yep.  The whole thing until we found her.  it only took us two hours, but, WE FOUND MELLISA!!!  We're going back on Thursday to teach her.  We have to faithfully work as hard as we can, and God will provide us with the things that we need.  FAITH IS ACTION. 

also, we almost got eaten by some wild animals.  actually, not really, but I thought we were going to. We were visiting a member who lives LITERALLY in the middle of the forest.  We were leaving to head home for the night, when we got to our car it was covered in ice because of the freezing rain!  Where she lives, there are bears, cougars, bobcats, coyotes, name it.  So we blasted our good old EFY CD so that they wouldn't come near us as we hacked away at the ice on our car.  Heavenly Father protects his missionaries!
Also, here's this really amazing talk that we've been studying, give it a good read.

Onward, ever onward.
Sister Jones

alsoooo i just lost all my pictures from this transfer.  so if anyone knows how to recover files on an sd card pleeeeease let me know. 

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