Sunday, December 14, 2014

Happy American Thanksgiving from the land of Polar/Arctic Vortexes

 yes, we were hit by a "Polar/Arctic Vortex" this week.  (At least that's what the members referred to it as....what it is, I couldn't tell ya)

We were supposed to go out to Evansburg (about a 30 minute drive) for American Thanksgiving Dinner with a member (She's American), but then that vortex thing hit and the roads were SUPER SKETCHY.  Apparently Canadians don't believe in snow plows util the snow stops falling, so you basically have to battle it out  between the piled up snow and the jacked up pickups that think they own the roads.  Don't worry, we only got stuck 3 times on Friday after the snow stopped. 

funny/awkward/weird things that happened this week:
arctic vortex
tracted in snow up to our knees--GONG SHOW
tracted in -40 degrees with the windchill #onwardeveronward
ate ramen noodles for thanksgiving dinner
car got stuck 3 times in the snow in one day
Sister James slipped on the ice
I fell down a less-active member's stairs<----Sister James told me that my life should be a movie....ehhhhh probably not. 

Michelle won't return our calls or texts or answer her door.  And basically all of our investigators dropped us or said they didn't want to be baptized.  That was really rough. 
Somehow, we managed to get a ton of lessons this week though, and we found a new investigator on Saturday night!!! 
So the church has put together this new Christmas initiative called "He Is The Gift".  You've probably heard about it and seen the video, if not, watch it.  now.  here's the link:
IT'S GOING TO BE HUGE!  We found Mel, a lady from the philippines using the video.  She let us in right away and we showed her the video, and she agreed to let us come back to teach her the restoration.  We also found a really promising potential named Cassandra.  When we told her about the message, she said, "well, it must be a pretty important message if you're out in this weather sharing it!"  She is so right.  We're going back to see her today.  Same with Mel. 
The really cool thing about those two, is they happened between 8:45 and 9pm on Saturday night.  The last 15 minutes of the day.  I remembered what my high school choir director, Mr. Bradshaw, always told us, "Anyone can give 90%.  Anyone can be pretty good, or even great.  But it's those who go that last 10% that truly succeed."  We could have easily just gone back to the apartment early because of the cold, because we were tired, because nobody was listening to us, but we didn't.  We decided to give that last 10% and give it our all.  THEN the miracles happened. One of my all time favorite scriptures illustrates what I'm trying to say here...
"For ye have need of patience , that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise . "  That key word there, AFTER, changes everything. God's promises will ALWAYS be fulfilled when we give all that we have.  It might be seconds after, or it could be years.  But God always keeps His word.
  We've also been doing this "Jar of Sacrifice" thing, where every morning, we write down something we're sacrificing that day (fear,pride,discouragement,etc), put it in the jar, and truly work all day to sacrifice that thing to give it our all.  It's been making such a huge difference.  Even though we don't always see the results of our diligence, they are there. They will come. 
sorry this is so scattered and long...

Onward, ever onward.
Sister Jones


We thought this was worth a shot...

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