Sunday, December 14, 2014

zone conference and a book of mormon miracle

What a week! (as always)
We had zone conference and interviews with president this week which was SO EDIFYING I can't even handle it.  President and Sister Manion are literally angels sent from heaven above.  So great.  The training from the zone leaders was on the Atonement.  The atonement is central to EVERY principle and doctrine we teach as missionaries.  And it applies to EVERYONE, because we all fall short, and it is only by Him, through Him, and of Him that we can reach our full potential. 
We taught Michelle again about the Book of Mormon!  She is so eager to read and to continue to learn more. :)  She hasn't come to church yet, work has been getting in the way *cough cough* SATAN *cough cough* but she'll get there, we're going to teach her Sabbath Day along with the Plan of Salvation this week.  It has opened my eyes to how much God is preparing his elect to receive the gospel.  We just have to sift through literally EVERYONE to find those people that are ready and willing. 
We had a STELLAR lesson with a less active named Stacey as well!  We had planned to watch a mormon message with her, but the connection wasn't working....Sister James and I were praying our hearts out that God would make it work aaaaaaand it still didn't work.  We read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon with her and BAM the spirit was so strong!  It was exactly what she needed!  It's amazing how God really does know exactly what he's doing.  He knows his children better than we do, so it's our job to accept his will and follow the guidance he gives us through the spirit.  Stacey said she would read everyday and seemed like she would want to come back to church soon!  I've said it before and I'll say it again,  THERE IS IMMENSE POWER IN THE BOOK OF MORMON! 

Onward, ever onward.
Sister Jones
Canadian Sunrises *sigh*
Me and Sister James 
Our "Scare Attempt"
No Shave November or "Movember" as they call it!
Canadian Pride
Drayton Valley Christmas Parade
Watching the Parade

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