Tuesday, December 8, 2015


What a week!

First off, Maggie ended up going to Calgary to help her friend who
just had surgery. So we're just excited for her to come back, she said
she would read the Arabic Book of Mormon we gave her :)

We had probably the last MLC that I'll attend. It was AMAZING. so
powerful. Probably my favorite one. President Manion gave a training
on faith and our prayers, and how we can call down the powers of
heaven to aid us in the Lords work. It was the real deal. It was
definitely an answer to my prayers, because lately, it has been hard
for me to tell if I have real faith and what faith even is. He divided
it into two parts. Faith to action, and then that action translating
into power from heaven. To have faith that leads to action, we have to
have a resolve, we have to make decisions, and then have the
determination to work and work and work. Then, he talked about how we
can have faith that leads to action and ACTUAL POWER FROM ON HIGH. We
must have first, faith in Christ and in his atonement. Second,
determination to respond to the Lords requirements of us (aka
OBEDIENCE), and third, to believe that HE has the power to make it
work and to make miracles happen.  God is REAL and he truly gives
us the power necessary for His work to continue on and succeed.  I love

The B family had us for supper, and they also came to church AGAIN!!
They're coming back in full swing.  It's amazing.

We had exchanges with a tri-pan (companionship with 3 missionaries) and it
 was SO FUN!  kind of crazy, i went with Sister Persson AND Sister Kirts.
We had lots of adventures talking with everyone.  They are both such stellar
missionaries.  One of my favorite thing about being a sister training
leader is being able to get to know these amazing sisters.  The end of the exchange, we
always review what we learned and give training on things the sister needs,
and let me tell you the spirit WORKS LIKE NONE OTHER in that setting.

We did some finding/tracting in this apartment complex that we have been
wanting to tract out for a few days, and man..that place is a gold mine. We're
going back to this Egyptian family tonight to teach them! It was pretty awesome
when we talked to them, we found out they were from Egypt, and I had Arabic
pamphlets in my bag for Maggie, so we gave them one! Heavenly Father always
gives us what we need when we need it.  He knows what He's doing.

okay also ANOTHER HUGE MIRACLE HAPPENED.  Our landlord, Solo, is such a
boss.  He's from Eritrea which is near Egypt he told us.  We have been
leaving sticky notes on his door for the past little while that
have verses from the Bible and the Book of Mormon.  Man, this guy is
the definition of Christian.  He's amazing.  We invited him to watch
general conference back in October and he watched a bit of it and
loved it.  He totally gets the organization of the church, this guy knows the bible.
yes he came to the Christmas devotional and said he was "deeply touched" :) it was all so
good, we also got to give him a tour of the church, and props to the
Riverbend stake because they have the pictures around the building in
perfect order to teach the restoration!  He loved it.  We're going to
start reading the Book of Mormon and the Bible with him soon!!! He's
pretty committed to his Pentecostal church right now, but MIRACLES
HAPPEN and it's going to be legendary. :)

My heart is just really full of joy and gratitude and all that good
stuff.  I love this place.  I love these people.  I love this gospel.  thanks for all the support, keep
on keeping on!  Remember that you're not alone and that you have a Heavenly Father who will
give you what you need, sometimes all you have to do is ask.

Onward, ever onward.

Sister Jones

MLC 🇨🇦

Exchange with sister Kirts and sister Persson

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