Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Unto YOU a Saviour is born


it's Christmas and it's cold and there's a spirit in the air like none other!  

we have had 3 exchanges in the past 8 days so i feel like I got hit by a train or something, ha so exhausted, but sometimes that's good because you're just deliriously happy!  Sister McKeon and I have been laughing like crazy and we have had a great week.  I'll just update you on the funny/crazy/miraculous events of the week...

-Grandma Vera (eternigator who is basically a member) had us and some ladies from church over for a Christmas lunch. She's the SWEETEST lady on the planet and is the best cook.  We had some wicked Ukrainian food and she made us these really unique stockings.  They're all sparkly and stuff.  She's so cute.  I just love those ladies.  

-We had our Christmas Conference and it was just so much fun and full of the spirit and so much power.  The Manions are incredible.  Our district is having this competition to do the most service/creative finding around Christmas time, and one elder decided that the first one to get a selfie with "P Manny" at Christmas conference wins.  Sister McKeon and I totally won.  Mom and dad, you didn't raise a loser.  

Our selfie with "P Manny". He told us that it was actually an "ussie"
 I love that guy 
-It was FREEEEZING and blizzarding outside and we saw this African lady named Shatha shoveling her walk, so we jumped out of the car to help her.  She was really happy we did and then asked if we were tea drinkers...we said no, but that we could drink herbal tea, so she invited us in.  We went in and she made us this ginger tea (totally wasn't herbal......hahah but we didn't know that til after..) accidentally broke the word of wisdom.  oops.  But we did get to show her the Savior Is Born video and she LOVED it and said we could come back later on.  :) :) 

-Maggie is still MIA..pray that we can contact her somehow.  

-I just got a really big laugh out of the 12 days of social on christmas.mormon.org...the one by studio C.  i died.  it's so funny.  go watch it.  

-We had exchanges with the YSA sisters yesterday and it was really fun.  I was with Sister Torsak and we went to the West Edmonton Mall to contact people.  We came up with a three question Christmas survey that would get people talking about the real meaning of Christmas, and we gave out a ton of cards! So much fun.  There were so many people there it was insane...don't go there Christmas week....especially dad.  you'd just get freaked out by all the people.  But as we were walking, I said hello to this guy next to us..but he didn't hear.  So I waved bigger and said hello louder and he looked over and started talking with us.  He's from Ghana and his name is Charles. :) I love Ghanaians!!! We talked about general things like Jesus for a bit, then we asked if he heard of the Book of Mormon.  He stopped and said, "wait right here for 10 minutes. I"ll be back.  don't leave.  I"ll be back." then he books it away from us...so we waited.  We thought maybe he got freaked out and ran away, but we prayed he would come back and he did!  He said, "okay let's go sit down I want to hear this word of God you're telling me about." YES YES YES YES YES we went to the food court and taught him the restoration and he loved it.  He was like, "this is the real thing. I love this. I love it." and it turns out that he was given a book of mormon back when he was in Ghana!!!  He's coming to church this week, doesn't live in our area, but we're STOKED!!!!!!!!  so prepared.  I told him he was elect. He said, "not many people listen to you...but I know you have the word of God."  so boss. :) :)   

-okay one more miracle.  background: i read this talk called "repent of our selfishness" and it's really good.  basically gave me a big rebuking...but in it he says that before we do something, we should ask ourselves, "whose needs am i really trying to meet?" so this has been running through my mind a lot since I read it.  Sunday, before our supper appointment we were trying by this less active who never answers us.....and we were about to get back in the car because it was cold and such, but then i had that question flash through my mind, "WHOSE NEEDS ARE YOU REALLY TRYING TO MEET?" sooooo we felt we should knock on a door nearby.  Sister McKeon just testified of eternal families and the lady, Diane, was like, "yes.  Please come back, my daughter would love to hear this but we're just sitting down for supper.  Can I set up an appointment with you or something?"  :) :) :) miracles happen when you're repenting of your selfishness.  it's the real deal.  

anywho, this Christmas season is PRIME to feel the Saviour's love and to share the Saviour's love.  So don't look inward this year, please just look outward and serve those around you.  Jesus Christ LIVES TODAY!  Our loving Father in Heaven sent him to earth so that we can be made new, everyday.  You can be forgiven and you CAN be born again.  You're worth more than any earthly thing, and you have great purpose here in this great plan.  Unto YOU a Saviour is born. Don't you forget it.  

onward, ever onward. 

Sister Jones 

Aaaannnnd the greatest comp in dee whole world.
West Ed with Sister Torsak

Our Christmas lunch ❤❤

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