Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"If you need any help...RECRUIT THE MORMONS"

hola my friends and family it has been a wonderful week full of craziness and blessings. 

first of all MAGGIE CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY AND IT WAS GLORIOUS!!!  We taught her again on Wednesday, we were planning on finishing the Plan of Salvation, and we tried, but she wasn't so sure about the spirit world.  Her religious background is very strong, but we're not losing hope.  Sometimes, I think we get too impatient with people, when in reality, we need to give people time to completely change some of the things they have believed or done all their lives.  It's not an easy road, and "things of quality have no fear of time."  but anyways, we weren't sure if she would still want to come to church after the second lesson, but she called us Friday and said she wanted to come!  we got her a ride, and Sunday morning, I was playing prelude for relief society, and i look up and see Maggie walk in and my heart just REJOICED.  so much so that i botched the hymn and tears almost came to my eyes but yeah it was wonderful.  I think she was the first investigator I have seen come to church in well over 6 months so it was amazing.  And I also forgot how stressful it is to have an investigator at church, especially when members go off on random things like Kolob and signs of the second coming...hhahah *face palm* (don't worry, nobody ACTUALLY talked about kolob this week....but tangents are a real thing and get a little crazy some days) 

We were kind of stressed out after relief society, because not many people were talking to Maggie, so the member who brought her took her to gospel principles, and sister McKeon and I went to the mother's room to say a quick prayer.  We just prayed our little hearts out that people would talk to her and that she would love church and want to come back, and on the way back to class, we just decided to tell everyone individually to say hi to her, and it worked!  kind of like when there's an emergency, you can't just say, "SOMEBODY CALL 911!" You have to tell people individually to do something.  so it worked. :) and she loved it. :) and the sisters here will be teaching her tomorrow (I will be away on exchanges) but please pray that she'll accept the invitation to be baptized!!! :) #keepprayin4maggie 

ALSO HEATHER WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED!!! she wants to wait until March so she can get baptized with her son.  It's all really exciting. :) 

now for the funny stuff.  the most hilarious things happen to us as missionaries, not just spiritual things.  so here you go. :)

We had a relief society Christmas Social last week, and guess who came??!! DAWUTA!  Jody brought her!!! it was amazing.  i just love her so much.  i don't remember if i already told this story, but a couple weeks ago, we were leaving the nursing home that we volunteer at and we both got in the car.  About 5 seconds later, we hear the back door open!!!  We just screamed bloody murder because we just thought some creepy guy was coming to kidnap us or something, then we turn around and it was DAWUTA!  she was laughing so hard.  So we get out of the car and just laugh for like 10 minutes and she was like, "I am so happy I scared you.  I just feel so joyful."  she's such a hoot.  #ilovenigerians 

another funny story, i was making some toast one morning and all of a sudden this giant glass plate rolls off the top of the fridge onto the counter in front of me and shatters everywhere!  My foot got cut and it was kind of gross haha but i was still hungry and wanted to eat my toast.  So after sort of cleaning up, I took a bite of my toast and i accidentally ATE GLASS!!!  it was sketchy. hahahhahahhaa good times... 

okay one more funny story, we were shoveling a former investigator's driveway last week, and this man walked by so we said hello and tried to talk to him, and he said he was going home to shovel his driveway.  Sister McKeon was in kind of a crazy mood and she just goes, "well...if you need any help.....RECRUIT THE MORMONS!"  He looked at us like we were crazy and just walked away..hahhahah.  good times..had to be there.  

We got to volunteer at the SaveOn foods for the Foodbank taking donations! we basically just danced around and told people merry Christmas for like...4 hours.  it was really fun. :) people are so generous.

yeah.  life is real good.  For my spiritual thought, I'd like to share with you what our friend Evelyn said in her prayer this week. (she's the one in a nursing home who shares the gospel with her friend, Bill, the plant..:)) "Satan's out there...he's ready to pounce on us whenever we make a slow move.....I'd really just like to stick something to his head or something......I'm just joking with you, God.  Thanks for these fellas coming to visit me.  I really like the mormons.  Take care."   I just had to write it down because she's THE GREATEST.  and she never fails to make me laugh and make me feel loved.  She even kissed me on the cheek when we were leaving this week...hahah such a gem. 
I love this place so much and i love these people even more.  that's what it's all about.  Love. 
 "And above all things, clothe yourselves with the bond of charity, as with a mantle, which is the bond of perfectness and peace." D&C 88:125
"And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity preventeth a multitude of sins." 1 Peter 4:8

Onward, ever onward.

Sister Jones 

All the sisters in the mission at our sisters conference in October :)

A narwhal tusk

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