Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"Suffer the children to come to me."

There have been many spiritual manifestations in the land of River Valley this week!

Last Tuesday night, after a lesson fell through, we felt we should continue to tract out that gold mine i told you about last week!  So we went.  And it was cold.  And our toes were numb.  But we kept going.  We got to show a lot of people the new Christmas initiative video and it was so fun!  We didn't find anyone that really wanted us to come back, (except a korean man that told us to come back the next day, then when we went back, his wife yelled at us and told us to leave...ha even after sister mckeon wrote the link to the KOREAN version of the video on a card...so we left it in their door...ha) We had decided when we started, that we would go until 8pm.  It was probably like 7:57 and we were cold and we decided to be done tracting. But then we saw one light on in this house, and we looked at each other and were just like...okay fine.  So we went and knocked on it.  And she let us in!  Her name is Renai, and she's actually a MEMBER!!! GOD LED US TO ANOTHER LOST SHEEP!!!  We went in and taught her and her husband a lesson and it was all just so good.  He's not a member, his name is Pascal! :) Renai isn't too interested in coming back right now, but she said we could come back to visit.  #FINDINGLOSTSHEEP #MYFAVE 
There is absolutely no way the spirit doesn't lead us in this work. We know basically nothing.  God knows all. HE LEADS US AND HE KNOWS HIS CHILDREN.  "I am the good Shepherd, and I know my sheep." John 10:14 

We also had interviews with President and pretty much all he said to me was, "alright, now don't run out of gas on me. keep working hard until the end." SO HERE I GO ENDURING TO THE END AND LOVING IT!!!

Our english class has been failing a bit and people haven't been showing up.  We haven't been so sure if we should keep trying or just forget about it, and this past Thursday in our companionship prayer, I just asked Heavenly Father what we should do.  I asked him that if we were supposed to keep it going, to please just send one soul to our class and we would keep trying.  Around about 4 or 5, we get a text from Babu saying he wanted to come to english class!!!!!!  WHHHAT??? So he came and it went really well and somehow we were able to help him improve his english.  God has made it clear that we need to keep trying.  So... keep trying we will.  

We are now teaching Victoria!  A less active's daughter!  She's almost 9 and she's SO PRECIOUS!  such a pure soul.  When we asked her how God feels about her she just said, "well...I think God really cares about everyone.  I don't think he cares about what you look like or where you're from or who you are.  I think he just loves everyone. no matter what."  The spirit was so strong in the room at that time.  God teaches us through children, I know that's true.  The ward had the primary program this week as well, and those kids just have the spirit of Christ in them.  It's amazing.
"But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for
of such is the kingdom of heaven."  Matthew 19:14

We had an especially neat experience on Thursday night after our english class.  We were going to do our facebook time at the end of the night, and as we were driving to the Riverbend library, Sister Mckeon said she felt like we should go to the Callingwood one instead.  So I turned around and we headed that way.  We walked in and said hello to this lady who was rushing out, but when we sat down, she came back and sat by us!  Her name is Flory and she's from the Philippines.  We started talking with her and to make a long story short, she wanted to meet to learn more!!!  We had our first lesson with her last night and she said, "There is something familiar about you, I recognize you, Sister Jones, from somewhere!" ( I was so tempted to just say, "THE PREMORTAL LIFE!!!"...) but I cannot deny the spirit that filled my heart and soul when she said that.  Our God is a God of miracles!!!!!!!  I'm telling you it's true!!! 

We also got to go caroling with some members and the elders and it was just so much fun.  I love caroling.  The spirit is so present in songs of Christ.  

We also found a lady from Jamaica and we helped her shovel her walkway.  (shout out to ma boy Elder Boyer down in jamaica) her name is Paula and she's simply wonderful.  I love her already.  

man so much really did happen i don't even have enough time to write it all.  Sometimes I feel like emailing is like this scripture in John, 
"And there are also many other things which Jesus did [among the people of River Valley], the which, if they should 
be written every one, I
suppose that even the world  
itself could not contain the 
books that should be written" 
Our ward Christmas party!

One more experience i want to share!  We were on exchanges yesterday (with another tri-pan so i was with Sister Angilau and Sister Cameron) and our Relief Society president called us and asked if we could go with her to deliver the leftovers from the ward Christmas party (which was a HUGE SUCCESS btw) to this homeless shelter centre thing downtown (and we all know that downtown edmonton is Holy ground for me) so we said OF COURSE!!!  We had gone once before to bring a meal for a women's group there, and this time it was a little different.  We got to serve it to the people straight off the streets.  I had to hold back tears as I talked with these people and fed them. sometimes, God opens my spiritual eyes and gives me a glimpse of what he sees, and i am 
 forever grateful for that.  

  "And now, for the sake of 
 these things which I have spokenunto you—that is, for the 
sake of retaining a remission of your sins from day to day, 
that ye may walk guiltless before God—I would that ye should  
impart of your substance to the 
poor, every man according to  
that which he hath, such as 
feeding the hungry, clothing the  
naked, visiting the sick and  
administering to their relief,  
both spiritually and temporally, according to their wants." Mosiah 4:27

I love these people.

Onward, ever onward.
Sister Jones 

Every time we go into a store...Santa wants a picture with the us...

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